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HRW Maintaining to be ‘Albatross around Ethiopians Neck’

Teshome Kassaye
Tigrai Online, June 29, 2015

Ever since President Barack Obama official visit to Ethiopia was declared, it looks that Diaspora politics ignited again. Many Ethiopians home and abroad praised the President decision to visit Ethiopia and we also were so happy for this uncommonly goodtime. It isn’t champagne ceremony but we were so happy when we hear the news. On the other hand, few Ethiopians who had unresolved anger with EPRDF party and Ethiopian government, were heavily disappointed as Ethiopia see spot light in the political arena.


But this wouldn’t come as a surprise, as these people are badly programmed speaking robots who are always unable to differentiate, mix and mingle internal politics with national interest. However, when you find HRW Dialing up in opposing President Barak Obama’s official visit to Ethiopia, We Ethiopians were truly embarrassed. It was an egregious offense no sane Ethiopian citizen would tolerate. On this regard, HRW was not readily armed with good reasons and logical thought to oppose Ethiopians interest in the pretext of Mr. Obama’s trip to Ethiopia.

For More than two decayed, Ethiopians were ill served by HRW report, however we were reasonably optimistic and kind human to expect HRW to stop being tower and symbol of misinformation. But interestingly enough this was hope against hope, rather HRW continue to damage Ethiopia and Ethiopians image in the eyes of the world. HRW need to apologize for irreparable psychological and emotion damaged inflicted among Ethiopians. Mark my words here, after few months, as usual HRW will come up with made up story, ‘…had it not been for President Obama’s decision to visit Ethiopian, EPRDF would not have come to existence’. HRW thank you for showing us, How worst is when ignorance combined with arrogance.

Long before EPRDF party came into existence, Ethiopia and Ethiopians were known for famine and conflict. Ethiopians had had a bad memory, never ending violent politics, treated as second class citizens in their own country. Cycles of agony, Ethiopians went through was unbearable for any human kind. In the previous Ethiopian regime, the people were tossed from frying pan to fire. We also have too many memories, HRW probably don’t share.

For two decayed the report coming from HRW was purposefully inaccurate and unfair in order to paint the Ethiopian government and its people name in a negative light. Ethiopia was repeatedly rocked by massive misinformation from HRW monthly, quarterly and annually report. Honestly speaking HRW advocators talk much more but say nothing. Since most of the HRW reports weren’t made for Ethiopians, it couldn’t fit with our size. It was not long time ago, the Ethiopian people gave thumbs down HRW report, rich in gossip, “Ethiopian Mamo killo stories” and idiotic fantasies.

HRW and the likes doom Sayers were wishing and expecting Armageddon to hit Ethiopia post Meles Zenawi era. Unlike HRW wish Ethiopia was much more blessed with bright future, had continue to succeeded double digit economic growth  and also maintained one of the top African countries, with huge infrastructure development and a magnet for Foreign investment.

In HRW report, fairness and accuracy had no place. A very dear and near friend of mine was telling me that HRW had its own templates for reporting Ethiopian issues, with some computer editing, for instance if the Ethiopian police involving in restoring peace and stability, ‘…the temple pulled and read as Ethiopian police and security force harassed, assaulted and arbitrary arrest of tens of thousands of protesters…’ irrespective of what is happening on the ground and on the other hand, there is also a narrated  template always written on the top of HRW report, ‘…Ethiopian human violation mounting to Crime against humanity, extrajudicial killings, wide spread torture and list goes on..’ We knew that too often the report is political motivated, but it was a long time ago the Ethiopia people decided, there is no reason they should spent an ounce of energy on reading HRW report. The job of the HRW should have been to report any Human right violation, searching and looking under stone to get information but It is an unfortunate circumstance, cases continue to be reported based on gossip. We are so sorry, HRW, you are gossiping …in the case Ethiopians are excusing themselves. Such gross incompetence is not to the standards of proud Ethiopians. Good luck Human right advocators.

Contrary to the doomsayers, Ethiopians are witnessing miracles in their own country. EPRDF being on power only for quarter a century, its service to Ethiopian people was second to none. We saw and lived a better Ethiopia with EPRDF and our responsible government. Ethiopia in the era of EPRDF had become a beacon of hope. Ethiopia is become exemplary in accommodating diversity with the democratic system that respects the rights of groups and individuals simultaneously. Well, like any other country in the world Ethiopian government and the ruling party has pluses and minuses, merits and demerits.

Coming back to the hot issue on our hand, opposing Ethiopian government and the ruling party and opposing Ethiopian National interest are two distinct issues, the HRW shouldn’t miss this for a second. It was abundantly evident HRW was extremely saddened by President Obama’s trip to Ethiopia in particular. Few of western world print media are also engaged in such futile exercise, opposing the president visit to Ethiopian. These incidents typically don’t generate wide attention and as such reports are based on ignorance or prejudice or both. Right now, part of me thinks, when the day approaches, HRW will try and play all the dirty political games, but at the end of the day none of them matters. Of course some of the reports compromise comfort, the challenges inevitably growing more complex and a tough time is ahead of us. HRW report is extremely calculated, so let’s expect two things at most, Ethiopian economy to grow by leaps and bounds, HRW maintaining to be ‘Albatross around Ethiopian necks’.

Certainly, we Ethiopians believe that we must condemn Human rights violation in every instances, Freedom of speech and assembly are important to the working of a democratic society and we need to nurture these as Ethiopian values. May 2015, Ethiopian election was a good example on this regard, congratulation Ethiopians In general conducting free, fair, peaceful, credible and democratic manner and congratulation EPRDF party in particular for land slide winning the elections. I would like to underscore, Ethiopian peaceful opposition who lost the election, we have a great respect for you and defeat is only temporary and what makes it permanent is giving up. So don’t give up and see you in 2020 election.

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