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Eritreans say Ethiopians should be jealous about Isaias Afwerki holding hands with a Saudi King

Tigrai Online, May 2, 2015

Eritreans say Ethiopians should be jealous about Isaias holding hands with a Saudi King
President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud in the Airport.

Many Eritreans are beside themselves from happiness seeing their president holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud when he did a couple of days official visit to the Saudi Kingdom. We are not sure which part of the photo is causing the euphoria in many Eritreans, but some of them seem to be intoxicated when they see their leader walking with the Saudi King holding hands.

The most bizarre thing about the reactions of the Eritreans to the holding hands and walking is, they think Ethiopians should be extremely angry or jealous about it. Why would Ethiopians or the Ethiopian government be upset or solicitous about a photo of the Eritrean president? Maybe because the president of Eritrea is despised by the entire world and none of his peers consider him as a president of a country. When his supporters see their president get a little attention from a world leader in this case a King, it delights them beyond believe.

The other possibility for the irrational reaction might be they see some hope of normalcy in the picture of their president. They could be wishing what it could have been if Eritrea was governed by normal people and government that respects the rights of it’s people and live in harmony with it’s neighbors.

The Eritrean dream was shattered when their small minded leaders miscalculated and started wars with all of the countries around Eritrea especially Ethiopia. Now Eritrea is another failed state like Somalia pretending to be alive. For the international community Eritrea is the North Korea of Africa, and the biggest source of refugees in the world next to Syria.

Eritrea is a country who closes it’s eyes and assumes the whole world is completely shutting their eyes and they are not seeing the misery of the people. Even when hundreds of it’s citizens are drowning in the high seas, many of it’s young are cut opened and their internal organs sold in the black markets, and thousands of Eritreans are stranded in refugee camps in hundreds of countries throughout of the world, Eritrea denies something is wrong. For example look at what happened to the thirty men in Libya. No one knows how many of the victims are from Ethiopia and how many are from Eritrea, but we know some are from Ethiopia and some are from Eritrea. An eye witness report last week by some Eritrean teenage survivors indicated out of 71 Eritreans and 8 Ethiopians 47 men were victims of ISIL. We can understand from the report most of them might have been Eritreans that were killed by ISIS in Libya.

The Eritrean government didn’t say or do anything for those young people who lost their lives in Libya, in South Africa or in the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile next door in Ethiopia there was three day national mourning for the Ethiopians.

Ethiopia is not perfect, but it is trying to develop its own economy and prevent this things from happening again. Ethiopia does not hide its problems and pretend everything is perfect. Ethiopia tackles its problems head on.

For some strange reason Isaias Afwerki seems determined to reduce the Eritrean population by any means necessary. That is not the baffling part, significant number of Eritreans are supporting Isaias Afwerki to accelerate the destruction of their country.


On the other hand some Eritreans are hurting so much by the destructive policies of their government they are yearning for the acceptance and approval of the international community.  As a result the slightest glimpse by a world figure or a states man will give an abundance of joy.

As a sign of acute inferiority complex and lack of self confidence almost all the time PFDJ members compare everything about Eritrea with Ethiopia. It is hilarious to observe these goons trying to equate Eritrea with Ethiopia. How in the world would you compare a tiny speck of a country with a giant country and a matching history that goes with its size?

Ethiopians and Ethiopian leaders don’t need to worry about isolated ageing thug holding hands with anyone. Ethiopia’s outstanding diplomatic work is exemplary in the world and it speaks for itself loud and clear. If PFDJ hooligans think Ethiopians or Woyane will be going mad and crazy about Isaias Afwerki holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia, they really have hit the bottom.

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki holding hands with a Saudi King
This is the same photo of President Isaias Afwerki walking holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. It is shown in may Eritrean websites as if it is the best thing that ever happened to Eritrea.

This is what the concept in the Tigrigna text on the above Meskerem’s photo is, If the Eritrean president can walk hand in hand with the King of Saudi Arabia who is a good friend of the USA, indirectly our president is a good friend of USA too. That is the core message the Eritrean government wanted to tell it's people. First of all this conclusion is a little bit stretched out. Secondly wasn't it the Eritrean government accusing Ethiopia day in day out for becoming friends with America?

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