Eritrean president comes full circle after 14 years of spite for the UN
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Eritrean president comes full circle after 14 years of spite for the UN

Tigrai Online, Jan. 2, 2017


The Eritrean village idiot acting as a president of the country is trying to act smart in front of the Eritrean people whom he is holding hostages for the past 25 years by releasing half baked statements. By now most of the Eritrean people are aware this elderly power hungry dictator and his cronies are slowly killing the Eritrean dream, but every time things get tougher he makes the same old statements to scare the people. This time it is not any different he repeated the same thing because his Arab masters have abandoned him.

Let’s examine the following statement he made in the New Year of 2017.

President Isaias Afwerki sent a message to several Heads of State and Government on the advent of the New Year once again drawing their attention to continued injustices meted to Eritrea. The President underlined that such indefensible acts not only contravene fundamental tenets of international law and morality but are also fraught with perilous threats to regional peace and security.

Can you imagine the above statement coming from the world’s most brutal dictator who is responsible for the loss of thousands of lives of Eritreans and Ethiopians? Does he has the moral audacity to speak about regional peace when he is responsible for starting war with every single country in the region and he is still working with dozens of terrorist groups to destabilize the Horn of Africa?

Recalling that 14 years have elapsed since the adoption of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission ruling on the border delimitation and demarcation,  the President pointed out that sovereign Eritrean territories still remain under occupation. In this connection, he called on the leaders to ensure the respect of the rule of law.

First of all the Eritrean leader invaded Ethiopia thinking he can take advantage of the internal political instability when the TPLF/EPRDF were trying to establish law and order after removing the Dergi government.  Then when he was begged by the USA and Rwanda he refused to withdraw his invading army from Ethiopia until they were ejected by force in total humiliation. There was a chance to show respect for international law then, but for Isaias it didn’t mean anything at that time. What he didn’t know was he was getting deep into a trap. He also didn’t realize that he lacks the brain and muscle power to dig himself out of the hole he was burring himself.

President Isaias went on to underline that the Eritrean people have been wronged several times at the hands of the UN in the past and as such they deserve redress and reparations for the wrongs done and not continued and unjustified punishment. In regard to the illegal and unfair sanctions against Eritrea, the President noted that the unjustifiable sanctions were passed deceitfully on fabricated charges which had no basis on law or facts. President Isaias stressed that the main purpose of the sanctions was to deflect international attention from the occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories and thereby corner Eritrea from advocating its legitimate rights.

Read the above statement again and see how much ego this guys have. He says the main purpose of the international sanctions is to help Ethiopia occupy Eritrean territories. Wow, that is the most ridiculous thinking even for Isaias. Ethiopia does not need any help to tackle any problems regarding tiny Eritrea, period. This is just to fool the Eritrean people the problem is much bigger than his own simple idiocy. The international community has nothing against the poor Eritrean people. If there is anything it is against the whole African people, but no one is singling out Eritreans. Why would the whole world conspire to hurt the Eritrean people to help Ethiopia, for what possible reason?

President Isaias underlined that the continued wrong doings against the Eritrean people, coupled with the occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories constitute harm beyond reparation and called on the UN Security Council to rectify its errors without further delay.

This is the same dictator who expelled the UN peacekeeping troops and staff members on 6 December 2005. These include 91 military observers, 14 UN volunteers and 75 international staff working in all components of the UN peacekeeping mission. 14 years later he is appealing to the same Security Council which he thrown out of his country. We can speculate why he is begging them now to enforce the same international law he himself single handedly destroyed.

The sad thing is this mad dog is taking down the Eritrean people with him. It seems he has a great vendetta against the Eritrean people. It is about time for peace loving hard working Eritreans to wake up and see the reality they are in. It is about time for the Eritrean people to rejoin their brothers and sisters in the Horn of Africa and fight against the common enemy of poverty instead of living in a shadow of war and insecurity. It is about time for the Eritrean people to ask, was all the sacrifice, the struggle, the suffering, the bravery, and martyrdom for this?

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