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Isaias Afewerki the culprit of all mess in East-Africa is ready to be dumped into the dust-pin

By Amlest Tesefy
Tigrai Online, May 27, 2018


In the past few years, Egypt and Isaias Afewerki were working hard to destabilize the region. but things are working against their aspirations. Isaias’s game-cards in Ethiopia and Eritrea are almost over. His sun is setting fast. The attack on innocent civilians in Ethiopia and Eritrea is a clear sign of desperation, loss of hope and final defeat of all our enemies.

There is no Ethiopian who is the enemy of Ethiopians. Irrespective of their political difference or ethnicity all Ethiopians love their country and the unity of their people. The sworn enemy of Ethiopia is Isaias with his few agents. In the mid-1950s Cairo helped Isaias to destabilize the region. Isaias in his turn is assisting and leading his agents in the region. Decades of vicious circles of failed attempts to destabilize the innocent east African region in the names of Freedom-fighters.


As we all know the International Criminal Court (ICC) had given the mandate to African Union (AU) to investigate Eritrean leader over alleged crimes against humanity. But, out of desperation Isaias immediately fabricated the “Tigray-superiority” game-card. He exported it to Ethiopia through his agents to create chaos and to divert Ethiopia’s focus from pursuing the ICC’s decision against him at the AU. He made every effort to portray Eritrea as a stable and Ethiopia as unstable nation. He desperately sent his agents to Gondar and tried to create a rift among the brotherly people of Gondar and Tigray. He did not succeed. However, his case concerning the crimes against humanity that was supposed to be followed by the AU was delayed until the present day.

The recent peaceful political development in Ethiopia has become a real treat and a defeat for Isaias and his agents. After the unanimous support of all Ethiopians for Dr. Abiy as the first Oromo-Ethiopian PM, there is a real political shock in the backyard of Isaias’s circle and his agents. Isaias is losing hope as he cannot easily continue to give birth to his fake Ethiopian Freedom-fighters to be trained in Eritrea to destabilize Ethiopia. Ethiopian political parties are joining the peaceful means of struggle only. They have realized except the peaceful means of struggle all other means are case-closed, meaningless and unacceptable in today’s Ethiopia.


There are three most important things that are bothering Isaias at the moment. First, for Isaias the “Tigray- superiority” game-card has been proved to be a false propaganda, and the “Oromia-majority-superiority” game-card will not work for him either. The second issue is Dr. Abiy’s successful domestic and international diplomatic relations with all Ethiopians and the neighboring countries Djibouti, Sudan; Kenya etc. Isaias is seriously analyzing the direct implications of the regional peace and security cooperation and the consequences of his destructive role in the region. He clearly understands the likelihood of the implementation of the ICC’s full mandate to sentence him through the African union (AU). He also knows the Eritreans in Ethiopia and in other countries are still pushing the AU to fulfil the mandate given by the ICC.

The third issue is all Eritreans in Eritrea have rejected Isaias’s dictatorial rule. For Eritrea to function as a nation they are demanding a constitution, election and the rule of law. They are questioning whether Isaias is fit or not to lead Eritrea. They are asking for how long they should continue to be ruled by the law of the jungle and a bandit group without a constitution. As a consequence of the lack of rule of law by the bandits, Eritrea is emptying fast while Ethiopia and sub Saharan Africa are growing fast.

It seems Isaias is regretting for his miscalculated war of aggression against the brotherly nation Ethiopia. His war of aggression against his strategic ally has made him not only a shortsighted leader but a complete blind leader. For his own evil actions, he is blaming all Eritreans, Ethiopians, Djibouti, Sudan, Yemen, the west and the world in general. He became out-casted, isolated, and awaking-dead-man. He is left without any supporter in Eritrea, Ethiopia, and the neighboring countries. He is politically wounded and paralyzed in and out. He is in a state of complete collapse. He is wasting most of his time on a bed. He has no any solution on the table to the problems he had created. He became a desperate man. People believed that all his evil actions emanate from his desperation. Even his subordinates and supporters everywhere are harshly criticizing Isaias as the culprit of all the mess in Eritrea. His sun is setting fast. Peace and security will prevail in Eritrea, Ethiopia and the region soon. The few Ethiopian criminals who harbor in Eritrea are looking every means to escape from Eritrea. But, they are sandwiched in between. A few of them are trying to flee from Eritrea to US. But, Ethiopians are asking whether the Ethiopian government has security cooperation with the US or whether they are failing to do their obligation as a government?

Eritreans are working for Eritrea to begin celebrating its first year of independence after Isaias. They are preparing for the first Eritrean constitution to be ratified for the first time after Isaias and the first president of Eritrea to be elected by the majority vote of the people. The bandit Isaias has become a trash ready to be dumped into the dust-pin and justice will be served soon. Eritrea will not continue to be a safe-haven or a harbor for Criminals. All the people are thirsty of peace and they will quench their thirst for peace only when Isaias is trashed into his trash-pin. In the end the people are wining and in place of the dictator a true servant of the people will be elected by the people very near in the future.


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