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ISIS top commander Mohammed al-Shalabi or Abu Sayyaf expired

Tigrai Online, May 17, 2015

ISIS top commander Mohammed al-Shalabi also widely known as Abu-Sayyaf was killed by American special commandos in eastern Syria
ISIS top commander Mohammed al-Shalabi also widely known as Abu-Sayyaf was killed by American special commandos in eastern Syria.

Another top commander of ISIS Mohammed al-Shalabi also widely known as Abu-Sayyaf was taken out by elite American special commandos in eastern Syria this week. In a daring operation the US commandos went in person to where he was based and eliminated him. What makes this operation in the heartland of ISIS is the Americans didn’t use their unmanned drones where they have used to kill terrorist leaders before.

Mohammed al-Shalabi is the second top ISIS man to expired in less than two weeks another ISIS leader Abu Malik Anas al-Nashwan was killed by Syrian soldiers in Syria a few days ago.

Mohammed al-Shalabi was in charge of all the oil and gas operation in Iraq and Syria worth millions dollars a month. ISIS uses this money for it’s day to day activities on top of the Wahabi billionaires financing it’s expansions.

NSC Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said in a statment "Abu Sayyaf was a senior ISIL leader who, among other things, had a senior role in overseeing ISIL’s illicit oil and gas operations – a key source of revenue that enables the terrorist organization to carry out their brutal tactics and oppress thousands of innocent civilians."

The 50 years old Abu-Sayyaf was bond in Jordan and he was one of the Selafist leaders in that country before he joined ISIS and rose up to the leadership of ISIL.

The Americans must think he was very important to take such a risky military operation inside Syria. Umma Sayyaf Mohammed al-Shalabi’s wife was captured alive. Umma Sayyaf "played an important role in ISIL's terrorist activities, and may have been complicit in what appears to have been the enslavement of a young Yezidi woman rescued last night" US Secretary of Defense Ash CarterCarter said.


The US commandos also took laptops, documents and other goods that would become intelligence troves. We are sure Umma Sayyaf will be providing much needed information about ISIS’s supporters since she was directly involved in financial operation of ISIS with her husband.

God must have heard the prayers and cries of the Ethiopian mothers and all the mothers of the Middle East. ISIS leaders are falling one by one and we wish this trend continue until every single one of them is wiped out the face of this earth.

Meanwhile ISIS is transporting it’s members to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea using people trafficking boats. ISIS working with the people traffickers to disguise it’s members as migrants and send them to Europe. In return the traffickers can operate in Libya without any problem from ISIS.

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