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Ethiopian Jittu Horticulture P.L.C.to exhibit itís products at Fruit Logistica 2014

Tigrai Onlne - January 17, 2014

Ethiopian fruit from Jittu Horticulture
Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. will be at the Berlin Fruit Logistica 2014

Fruit Logistica, an international annually fresh produce trade show is held, in February in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. The best of the best fresh produce producers, greenhouse growers and organic farms will showcase their product at the exhibition.

Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. will be at the Berlin Fruit Logistica 2014 representing Ethiopia. Jittu Horticulture is the first Ethiopian greenhouse grower to participate at the Fruit Logistica 2014. It is also the first time Ethiopia is showcasing it’s fruit products at the Berlin trade show.

By taking part in the international trade show, Jittu Horticulture will show Ethiopia has a great potential to produce high quality fruits and vegetables to the world.

About Jittu Horticulture P.L.C.

Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. is a Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi’s company established with great vision of producing and exporting various sorts of vegetables, fruits and flowers. All the products meet European and Middle East market standard. This shows that Ethiopia has a potential of producing high quality vegetables and fruits.

Ethiopia is a country with different altitudes, temperatures and soil variability’s. These wide range of different conditions makes it possible to grow a large variety of vegetables, fruits and roses.  On our 6 farms, more than 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown all year round. The production locations are carefully selected. They all have their own suitable climate to create the best growing condition for each and every single product we grow.  The altitude and temperature of these areas, the texture of the soil, and the content of the water is proved to be suitable for horticulture activities. According to the specific requests of the product, Jittu Horticulture P.L.C. selected the best places for growing them. We grow them, where they love to grow.


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