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Open letter to the Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

By Amare Lucas
Tigrai Online, November 09, 2013

I am one of the thousands in the Diaspora that openly disagree with some of your government’s policies. But, I also firmly believe that my disagreement and in some cases a total rejection of some of your policies will not obliterate my good wishes for the development & success of our country, Ethiopia. Kindly request that my statement be taken as is. No need to see it otherwise.

First, I have to confess, that by any stretch of imagination, never have I ever contemplated to write a letter to any Ethiopian official, let alone its premier. Notwithstanding this long held belief, the issue at hand is so extraordinary that I have to come out from my comfort zone and cross the “red]line”, which I have delineated for myself. Now, please allow me to present my case, which “provoked” me to write this open letter to your honor.

Sir, in one of your recent press conferences, you declared/proposed a “joint ownership” of the Renaissance Dam with Egypt. However difficult to comprehend, I tried very hard to convince myself that it was simply a rhetoric that went bad, and will quickly die on its own. I was foolishly wrong. After ducking, but partying behind closed doors for a week or so, the shrewd Egyptians came up with an acceptance statement of your initiative, which I like to properly call it, “ONCE IN A MILLENNIUM GIFT”.

Sir, by no means will I try to lecture diplomacy, for the simple reason that I am neither a learnt diplomat nor a student of diplomacy. Nevertheless, your statement begs the question: Why did you ask a well proven and historical enemy, Egypt that has committed an open aggression against our country over a dozen times in the late 18th and 19th centuries—not to mention the all]round support it lends to Eritrea, former Somalia, and Al Shabaab to be a “joint owner” of our Dam and control our Blue Nile?

It is incredibly flabbergasting; is it not? When, at a time your government is vigorously campaigning and asking Ethiopians to pitch in for the construction and ownership of the GERD, you are also asking Egypt for a “joint ownership”. With all due respect, it seems to me, that, it is tactically and strategically confusing, if not an all]out illusionary, to think that these two approaches will go in tandem. Thus, I suggest that you choose the right partner and choose soon. Will it be Ethiopia and the Ethiopians or Egypt and the Egyptians?

May God help you steer our ancient nation to its rightful destiny, where all its citizens shall live in pride, peace, and tranquility.


Amare Lucas

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will look like this when completed
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is under construction on the Blue Nile River in the Benishangul-Gumuz Regional state of Ethiopia. The dam will generate 6,000 MW of electricity when completed. gThe Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has affirmed his countryfs commitment to the establishment of Renaissance Dam for the benefit of the River Nile states, including Egypt and Sudan, saying that Ethiopia considers the Renaissance Dam as a joint ownership.h Walta - http://www.waltainfo.com/index.php/editors-pick/10664-ethiopia-calls-on-sudan-and-egypt-to-contribute-to-establshment-of-renaissance-dam

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