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Third Circular Call For Papers For the Journal Of Tigraian Culture And Development

By Tsegay Berhe
Tigrai Online, May 12, 2019

For The Journal Of Tigraian Culture And Development

This Call symbolizes the launching of a new academic journal called the Journal of Tigraian Culture and Development. Details about the Journal are available at https://www.mu.edu.et/jtcd. Public inauguration of the Journal will be colorfully celebrated in a conference up on the publication of its first issue – hopefully in the historic City of Axum, Ethiopia. The promoters of the Journal of Tigraian Culture and Development are very hopeful that the rationales for its launching will be received by many with utmost enthusiasm. They are also hopeful that many academicians shall volunteer to take part as reviewers, editors, associate editors, and international advisors.

The White Paper for the launching of the Journal has identified 14 thematic areas of research and development that are believed to demonstrate the footprints of Tigraians in the past three millennia and beyond. The thematic areas are: Anthropology and Sociology, Archaeology and Paleontology, Arts, Music and Folklore, Astronomy and Cosmology, Culture and Education, History and Politics, Language and Communication, Law and Governance, Medicine and Healing, Nature and Conservation, Philosophy and Religion, Psychology and Parapsychology, Science and Technology, and Trade and Industry. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts in any of the thematic areas.

Submission of manuscripts shall be made online through https://www.mu.edu.et/jtcd. This requires the registration and login of contributors as authors at https://www.mu.edu.et/jtcd. Manuscripts prepared for submission have to be based on original research works; and should not exceed 7000 words inclusive of all parts of the paper apart from any supplementary materials. Details of manuscript preparation and submission are provided on the Journal’s website (https://www.mu.edu.et/jtcd). Promoters of this Journal hope that contributors will submit high quality manuscripts to make the initiative a success.


The latest extended deadline for journal articles is June 10/2019. Those who would like to be part of the grand mission of publishing their seminal scholarly articles on this historic Journal should seize this last opportunity. For all inquiries and/or contacts, feel free to contact editors at jtcd.journal@mu.edu.et.

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