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Kilte-Awlaelo Schools Development Association held a very Successful fundraising event

By Abel Ghirmai Belay
Tigrai Onlne - July 21, 2014

Hi Tigrai Online Admin,
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The highly anticipated, well organized, and colorful fund raising event was held at the Emerald City, Seattle, WA to benefit the  Kilte-Awlaelo (ክልተ፡ ኣውላዕሎ) Schools Development Association. The association continues to electrify us with their level of  careful organization, not only to achieve their vision but also cater, accommodate, and entertain their guests. They persistently strive to raise the bar toward standardizing perfection.

Their primary goal is to complement the government efforts by providing opportunities and increase their learning experiences of the young minds around Kilte Awlaelo areas. The association is determined to seal the gaps and address barriers by building schools and other necessary resources.

Good work Team