An open letter to Lt. General Tsadkan Gebretensae
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An open letter to Lt. General Tsadkan Gebretensae

Yared G/hiwot, Colorado, USA
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, August 6, 2016

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First, I would like to express my sincere respect and heart-felt admiration to you for the key role you played during the historic, extraordinary and never seen before, heroic and lengthy war of the dignified Tigreans, especially the selfless, and precious sons and daughters of Tigrai (Ethiopia), the weyanes, to defeat the barbaric, and cruel Mengistu regime.

I vividly remember the time when the name “Tsadkan” resonated in my mind, especially when there was news related to some victorious and successful warfront news of the heroic and selfless weyanes against the abusing and innocent killing Derg military.

For me and others, whose origin is Tigrai, anything to do with the selflessly brave and uniquely heroes and heroines, the weyanes and the historic and dignified Tigrai people is deeply rooted pride, unconditional love and appreciation. Because, what the extraordinarily heroic weyanes and the dignified and history making Tigrai people did was about nothing but truth and bravely freeing the Tigreans (Ethiopians) from the centuries brutal ruling and inhuman treatment. It was about paying unimaginably high life sacrifices and injuries for the identity and dignity of the Tigreans.

Dear Lt. General Tsadkan, my love, appreciation and deep respect for you was then not without a profound and heartfelt reason, it rather was giving credit where credit was due. Mine and so many others, especially Tigreans, love, pride, respect and appreciation for the dignified and history making Tigrai people and their uniquely brave and selflessly heroic sons and daughters, the weyanes is profound and unconditional.

Dear sir, even though like I mentioned above that my pride, respect and appreciation for any weyane members is lasting and unconditional, I cannot (it’s immoral) to deny to you that I am in a deep uncertainty and confusion since the moment I read your article last month (July, 2016)

Sir, I am sorry but, I found your message to be almost the same as the ones posted (written) by the individuals, including those who claim to be professors and highly educated scholars, with nasty and chronically hate infected minds. Your article clear and loudly reminded me the bunch of falsified, emotion based and blind hate oriented “ajejews” that I cannot avoid reading on different websites, mainly on These individuals are obviously incurably and chronically hate- sickened, terribly rigid and filthy minded whose always (day and night) dream is inciting for chaos and destruction.

Dear sir, my heart is saddened that the content (most of it) of your article coincides with those posts by the blind haters, especially towards certain nations and nationalities, the Tigreans in this case, whose sole purpose is, siding with other sworn enemies, to drag Ethiopia into war zone and destruction, that I and many other real Ethiopians (Tigreans) are having an internet warfare with, in an almost daily basis.

Dear General, with due respect, it’s so hard for me to believe that you were unable to see (understand) that rigidity, one sidedness, emotion based revenge seeking and unforgiving were the major indicators of selfishness, narrow mindedness, rigidity, and wisdom deprivation.

Yes sir, that’s what exactly the personalities of these incurably hate sickened NEFTEGNA individuals are. And it is unfortunate and confusing that the contents in your article (most of them) can make people think that you’re siding with those filthy minded and hope derived haters, who could not get enough of cursing, and down grading the uniquely heroic weyanes and the dignified and historic Tigreans.

Dear sir, some of the irritating, embarrassing and shameful personalities (behaviors) of the hate sickened individuals are the fact that they categorically deny anything, that sounds different from what they have in their filthy and hate infected minds. They have no moral or ethical courage (responsibility) whatsoever to call things what they are, or to see things the way they are. All their filthy minds are filled with is negativity and childish cursing.

Dear general, let me be clear that undeniably, your article delivered some facts and reality based thoughts. And obviously, you deserve some credit and appreciation for them, thanks! Yes, I and many other humble, sincere, and deeply concerned Ethiopians, especially Tigreans whole-heartedly know that democracy in Tigrai is in its infancy (the worst in Ethiopia). Yes, it’s so saddening that many government officials, in different levels and sectors in the region, Tigrai are so arrogant, selfish and hard-hearted that they are immorally and ignorantly discrediting (disregarding and ignoring the sole mission and purpose..) the thousands of life-sacrifices and injuries of the irreplaceable, selfless and uniquely heroic sons and daughters of Tigrai, the weyanes. Yes, there is a wide spread rent-seeking and corruption in Tigrai. Sad, immoral, so sad!!

However, dear sir, it is so disturbing that what has been put (stated) in your article is mostly (about 85%) of immoral, irresponsible and of wisdom deprivation nature. It sounded like there is some rigidity, (“my way or the highway”) and some kind of animosity in you, and obviously you looked ready to revenge!

And sadly enough, what I read in your article is closely related with that of the blindly hateful, emotion based, immature and irreversibly hate sickened individuals’ messages.

Dear X-general, how in the whole world can any sane person (especially that of your kind) categorically darken (deny) the reality in Ethiopia (Tigrai)? This is an embarrassment and disappointment, not just to you, but to all that attempt to blindly and unrealistically cover up realities and facts just for some hidden and hate based personal agendas. How about forgiveness sir?Do you have any idea that only those who are mature, dignified, fair and logic - based people have no difficulty forgiving and accepting responsibilities, regardless of what happened??

Sir X-general, we, the humble, sincere, logic based and deeply concerned Ethiopians (Tigreans) expect (sincerely appreciate) government officials or leaders who are morally and ethically rich, selflessly responsible, open minded and ready to learn from mistakes, fair and logical, forgiving and respecting, and most of all we expect Tigrean officials (leaders) to be sincerely and whole-heartedly serving the heroic, dignified and history making Tigreans.

Sir, you might consider yourself as someone with intent to “fight’ for Ethiopia, especially for the Tigreans, to fight the corrupt, self centered, and the shamefully irresponsible Tigrean officials. But, guess what sir, your approach should NEVER be by categorically denying, generalizing, darkening (hope depriving), or by emotion based and personal anger-rooted revenging style. By doing that sir, all you are doing is giving an approval (green light) to the sworn chronic blind haters and the filthy minded ones that their trashy and poisonous messages are “accepted”. I hope you know X-general the Amharic saying, “wusha bekededew jib yigebabetal”.

I sincerely and respectfully beg you sir, that you should be a forgiving, an open minded (ready to accept responsibilities and ready to learn from mistakes), a role model to make unity and love among the Tigreans who may still have hard-hearts of what ever happened in the past (remember= we just are humans, not objects. it is ok (inevitable) to make mistakes, as long as we accept responsibilities and learn from them!). It’s so regrettable and deeply disappointing that the then dignified and precious son of the Tigrai people is now out of track, with a hateful heart, trying to send some divisive and revengeful messages.

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