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Medrek says Ethiopia should pull out of Somalia for fear of Al-Shabab

Tigrai Online, September 24, 2013

Medrek says Ethiopia should pull out of Somalia for fear of Al-Shabab
People die every day for different reasons, but how would you like to end up like this Somali man? A Somalia man stoned to death by Al-Shabab.

Medrek, the largest opposition party in Ethiopia has said Ethiopia should immediately pull it’s troops from Somalia if it wants to avoid attacks by the Al-Qaeda linked Somali terrorist group Al-Shabab.

On Saturday 21, September 2013 about 15 Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda terrorists armed with automatic weapons, hand grenades and other explosions stormed an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The Islamic terrorists let all the Muslims leave the building and killed the Christians. So far 69 people are dead and hundreds wounded in the vicious attack on innocent people.

The Al-Shabab group has three objectives to achieve internally and internationally. Their first and most crucial goal is to establish a radical Talaban like Islamic government in Somalia. The second and biggest goal of Al-Shabab is to invade Ethiopia, annex the Somali speaking Ethiopian region of Ogaden and install a puppet Islamic government in Ethiopia. The third and most ambitious goal of Al-Shabab is once they incorporated the Somali speaking people from Ethiopia and other countries, they want to create an Islamic caliphate that would be part of the international jihadist movement.

Based on the goals set by Al-Shabab, Medrek’s analysis of the situation is not only naïve, it is right out wrong. The last thing Ethiopia should do is withdraw it’s troops from Somalia. The anonymous Medrek official who was quoted by Sudan Tribune said; “Ethiopia could come across large-scale retaliation attacks from al-Shabaab similar to what was carried out in Nairobi”.

“The more time Ethiopia government keeps its forces in Somalia the more risks of terrorist attack it poses against its own people”, he said, adding that the attack in Nairobi was a wakeup call.

No matter what Al-Shabab will attack Ethiopia if they get the chance to do so. Since 1995 before any country in the world, Ethiopia was attacked by terrorists coming from Somalia. Ethiopia has been fighting jihadist terrorists on it’s own. The jihadists and Salafists target Ethiopia not because it is in Somalia, they are targeting Ethiopia because one of their objectives is to establish an Islamic government in Ethiopia by dominating the majority Christian population in the country.

So is Medrek worried about the safety and security of Ethiopia and Ethiopians or are they worried about their own political propaganda?

Medrek is trying to manipulate the tragic attacks in the Kenyan mall to their advantage using scare tactics. We think it foolish and inconsiderate act to compromise the long term interest of the country to score a political point.

We think Ethiopia should more resolved to destroy and wipe out this cancerous jihadist idea growing next door. Ethiopia should be more than willing to work with Kenyans to wipe out the terrorists from the region. Ethiopia cannot afford to sit and wait for fourteen century radicals to come to our country and declare sharia law in our country.

Here is the list of the alleged attackers released by Twitter account affiliated with Al-Shabaab.

For anyone who is not sure Al-Shabab are linked with Al-Qaeda check out the list below and see where the terrorist come from.

Sayid N. from Kismayu, Somalia.

Zaki Jama C., from Hargeisa, Somalia

Saad D., from Damascus, Syria

Mohamed B., from Aleppo, Syria

Qasim Said M., Garissa, Kenya

Ismail G., from Helsinki, Finland

Ahmed Nasir S., from London, UK

Mustafa N., from Kansas City, US

Abdishakur Sheikh H., from Maine, US

Abdifatah Osman K., from Minneapolis, US

Ahmad Mohamed I., from Saint Paul, US

Abdikarem Ali M., from Illinois, US

Shafie D., from Tucson, US

Abdirazak M., from Ontario (Canada)

Eliko M., from Dagestan, Russia

Mohammed A., from Svalov, Sweden

Moulid A., from Sweden

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