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The Fifth National Election And the Zero game of MEDREK , The National Endowment For Democracy And its Alliances

By G/Tsadkan Kebede
Tigrai Onlne - August 05, 2014

Periodic Election is one of the most crucial and fundamental entity of one’s democratic system of nations. In Ethiopia, periodic election plays a significant role to safeguard both the human, democratic rights and the constitutional rights of all nations, nationalities and people.

The fifth national election which will be conducted in 2015 allows candidates to seize power in the parliament, regional States and city administrative councils through a peaceful, democratic, free and fairly procedures based on the constitution. This election has a great responsibility to alter the State and Federal Government Structure of the country and it would play a vital role in addressing the sustainable development of the country to achieve the Great Transformation Plan if it could be free, democratic and faire without the intervention of Western Neo-Liberalism adventures.

We Africans are on progress. No more to look for bread and wheat to others if we are able to use our copious natural resources, manpower and fertile land equitably.

The Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia has a mandate and moral obligations to conduct the fifth National Election peacefully, free, fair and democratic election even better than the past periods of elections. We hope also!!

However, the toxic Diaspora, the coalition of die hard political opponents parties ’MEDREK’ and terrorist groups were participated in the conference set by The National Endowment For Democracy in Washington DC in July 2014. The seasonal leader of the coalition of die hard political parties MEDREK, Merara Gudina was participated in the conference and made a speech and advised the opponent and terrorist groups to unite for the election to destabilized the country and snatched the power  by force promising to the neoliberals institution, The National Endowment For Democracy as it is their sponsor for them to destabilize the country in the name of Un fair  election like what happened in the Eastern Europe and the Balkans color revolutions. The National Endowment for Democracy and its likes fund political parties, civic societies, influential individuals, notorious Medias and bloggers in the name of democracy and democratic institutions to impose their neoliberal ideology. And to destabilize nations where approaching indigenous developmental polices rejecting the neoliberal ideology. The notorious National Endowment for Democracy destabilized the Eastern Europe and Balkans using political parties and civic societies to act color revolution by funding in billions of US dollars. For instance, In Georgia, the Rose Revolution, In Ukraine the Orange Revolution, In Kirgizstan the Tulip Revolution, in Philippine the Yellow Revolution, In Yugoslavia the Black Revolution , in Serbia Bulldozer Revolution are few of the evil deeded committed by political parties,civic societies in collaboration with nominal  democratic and humanitarian institutions of the neoliberals. 

The same agenda is setting to Ethiopia in Washington by the National Endowment For Democracy to trainee and sponsor political parties, terrorist groups and bloggers to destabilize mother country Ethiopia. That’s why The seasonal leader of the coalition of die hard political parties MEDREK, Merara Gudina made a speech in the conference set by The National Endowment For Democracy and advised all opponent parties to unite and to seize power by any mean from EPRDF and to prepare for color revolution in the fifth National Election with the camouflage of ’election sabotage’. In his speech the pace of the democracy under the leadership of EPRDF is one step forward and then two steps back. He added that the Ethnic Federalism, the multi party system and free market policy are failed in Ethiopia.

However, our Ethnic Federalism is one of the best models to alleviate Ethnic Conflicts in the world and it enhances both human and democratic rights of individuals, groups, nations, nationalities and people. In our country there are more than 70 political parties. Therefore , there is  a conducive political atmosphere to multi party system and free market is ensured in the country and that’s why foreign and private investment played significant roles in the country’s all rounded developments.

We Ethiopians are wise. We are neither the Eastern Europe nor the Balkans and Arabs. We have tasted the outcome of peace and democracy for the last two decades that we are able to realize our Federal system, the milestone Constitution and sustainable development in double digits. And the world knows that there is no absolute democracy and democratic system is not the outcome of the overnight phenomena but the result of the long process.

But this real fact is denied by some narcissistic, arrogant political parties who want to seize power by any means without democratic election .However, democratic elections ensure that the public govern themselves and maintain power in their hands. The contained political parties should respect these human and democratic rights of citizens. The ultimate movement of the opposing political party’s .should promotes their political agendas with the rule of law and the Constitution. They have to win the votes of the electorate only through peaceful means from the ballot box.

 Regard less , the political view of our politicians, they have to respect the people. We need peace and bread. No more destabilization .We observed many experiences what is going in the world now days; migrations, civil wars, destabilization, bombing, wound, death etc. 

As we know, on October 30/2009 political parties  which had seats in the parliament had reach  an agreement in the Electoral Code of Conduct and its Implementation strategy following  a series of  discussions  since September31/2009 .Many of them  had  premeditated and exchanged views in the draft Electoral Code Of Conduct .It Is clear that this electoral code of conduct has been prepared by the International Institute for democracy and Electoral Association IDEA while political parties come up with various choices of implement strategies taking into considerations and the experience of various countries. The code of conduct would also help to avoid suspicious and hatred politics among confessing parties and to enhance healthy relations and resolve political difference through peaceful dialogue.

Speaking frankly, many of the political parties are established for personal supremacy and source of income. Whatever the political atmosphere is conducive or not, the power is in the hands of the mass. The public is the supreme of the power. The Constitution is the mile stone which enhance nation, nationalities and people are the Sovergnity pillars of the country.    

The coalition of political parties MEDREK attempts itself as the gang political party and to monopolize the power as a single explode cell theory / Party/. Even some toxic Diasporas contribute money to support this party to make bloody demonstrations in behalf of them to destabilize the country like the Eastern Europe and the Arab countries. They change their missions and  tactics according to their political views in collaboration with their sponsors ,the neoliberals .They use the laws of Anti terrorist, the law of NGOS, the law of Press and others for commodious purpose as if they are anti democracy laws to their sponsors. The coalition of political parties MEDREK presupposes itself as explode single p   arty and coalition of especial elites. But practically they haven’t common political interest and national consensus among them in the country.

 Finally, the tremendous endeavor of the government     to assure the upcoming election free, faire, peaceful and democratic is of great importance to all parties that run in line with Electoral code of conducts and the Legal constitution at large. In addition to, the public at large are expected to contribute their respective shares towards ensuring peaceful, faire and democratic national election and keep our security with no more to destabilization and enriching the democratic culture in the country.

The message of the writer is that the fifth national elections which is going to be held in 2015 will contribute a massive bright fortune if EPRDF wins in order to ensure the human , democratic  and the constitutional rights of nations, nationalities and people in order to achieve  the Great Ethiopian Transformation Plan /GTP/. 

The Fifth National Election And the Zero game of MEDREK
The Fifth National Election And the Zero sum game of MEDREK

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