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Meles Zenawi Forum: maintaining the vision

Meles Forum in Boston
Tigrai Onlne - July 15, 2014

Meles Zenawi, the late prime minister of Ethiopia, was a revolutionary leader who envisioned a strong and developed Ethiopia. For days and nights, he researched strategies and programs to end poverty in the country and advance a democratic Ethiopia.  In his years as a freedom fighter and then as Prime Minister, he transformed Ethiopia in every aspect --His contribution in the fields of agriculture, education, infrastructure and the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam was tremendous. His vision to see a prosperous and developed Ethiopia was contagious; people around him began to follow and accept his huge ambition.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Prime Minister Meles was recognized around the world, so his sudden death in the summer of 2012 brought much pain to his people and many others. Although Ethiopians are still deeply saddened by the loss of their great leader, they are determined now more than ever to stand together to complete his vision.

With the participation of the Ethiopian Mission in New York, Ethiopians residing in Boston and surrounding cities commemorated the 1st anniversary of the death of the late Prime Minister, by organizing a memorial service with various discussions, poetry, and forums to recognize his work and legacy.  To further honor his legacy, Ethiopians from the Greater Boston Area united and created the “Meles Forum in Boston” in June 2014. This forum promotes the visions of the late Prime Minister and his aim to eradicate poverty and illiteracy, foster national equality, and unify Ethiopia as a country that exercises democracy.

Friends, followers, and supporters of the late Prime Minister Meles, we invite you to join in solidarity to further the efforts of the “Meles Forum in Boston”. This is a great opportunity to not only pay respects to him, but also to make sure that his vision stays alive. Until further information is presented, the second annual “Meles Forum in Boston “ will be held in September 2014, and the topic of discussion will be  “Meles and His Vision on Ethiopian Foreign Policy”. Our Prime Minister Meles was a dynamic leader who advocated for all citizens, so lets continue to promote his efforts and vision of a greater and better Ethiopia.

The committee: Meles Forum in Boston