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United States Trade Representative Michael Forman and USAIDís Earl Gast visit dVentus Technologies company facility

Tigrai Online August 30, 2013

On the outskirts of Addis Ababa sits the engineering and production facility of one of the world’s most cutting edge high technology firms, the Ethiopian-American firm dVentus Technologies. This firm and its success could be a harbinger of change across the entire African continent.

United States Trade Representative Michael Froman visits  dVentus Technologies companyís facility
United States Trade Representative Michael Froman and USAIDís Earl Gast talk to dVentus Technologies CEO Daniel Gizaw.

It was here, one early morning this month, that America’s top foreign trade envoy, Michael Froman, huddled with two officials of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Assistant Administrator (Africa) Earl Gast, and Power Africa Coordinator Andrew Herscowitz, to hear a briefing by dVentus CEO Daniel Gizaw.

Source: USAID - Read more http://blog.usaid.gov/2013/08/from-addis-ababa-a-powerful-africa-message/

United States Trade Representative Michael Froman visits dVentus Technologies company facility
United States Trade Representative Michael Froman and USAID Assistant Administrator for Africa Earl Gast visiting dVentus Technologies company facility in Addis Ababa.

Editors' Comment:

The prophets of doom and gloom are begging money from our arch enemies to feed you fabricated poisonous propaganda. They are also trying to muzzle us form telling you the true transformation of Ethiopia. Why are they worried about media outlets like Tigrai Online? Well, because we are showing you the glimpse of hope that is flickering in our country and the extremists don’t want you to see it. They just want you to lose hope, they want you to despair, they want you to get really mad, they want you to help them over throw the government and they want you to put them in power.

The closet ethnocentric fanatics don’t have any long term or short term economic policy for Ethiopia. They don’t have any strategy how to get the Ethiopian people out of poverty. The only thing they have is hate towards the people of Tigrai and they try to cover it with hyper emotional words like unity, nationalism, religion, democracy, justice, Woyane misrule, domination, land grab, flag, Amhara people and many more.

The Ethiopian people know very well the so called “Ethiopian freedom fighters” in Washington DC and London are power hungry stooges and Egyptian agents’ period. Ethiopia will push forward with or without them.

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