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World Bank approves 7.4 billion Birr for Mojo Awassa expressway

Tigrai Online, May 23, 2015

Futility of ESAT’s ‘<em>’Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference</em>’’
World Bank approves 7.4 billion Birr for Mojo Awassa expressway.

Ethiopia and the World Bank signed an agreement for 7.4 billion Birr or 340 million dollars loan for the construction of the Mojo – Awassa expressway.

The 203 KM Mojo-Aswassa expressway will go through Battu – Arssi – Negelle road. The World Bank board of Directors approved the loan to help the country with it’s fast growing economy. Building highways, expressways, rails, other network of roads is part of the Ethiopian transformation plan.

The World Bank and other world financial institutions have been lauding the undeniable economic growth Ethiopia is registering. Since the overthrow of the Mengistu dictatorial government about 24 years ago, Ethiopia has been changing for the best. It is expected Ethiopia will be a middle income country in a few years.

Ethiopia inaugurated the Addis Ababa –Adama expressway last year. This year the Addis Ababa light rail was officially inaugurated and started operating.

Addis Ababa –Adama expressway
The newly inaugurated Addis Ababa Adama expressway

The bank indicated the Ethiopian road coverage has grown from 26,550 km to 99,552 km in about ten years.

The Mojo-Awassa expressway will connect the Southern part of the country to the center of the county. The highway is also part of the Trans East Africa highway which will connect Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.


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