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Eritrean singers say mother Eritrea is really sick

Tigrai Onlne - August 15, 2014

While the world minds it’s business goes on with it’s life, a tiny new African nation is critically sick and dying. The regime in Eritrea is crumbling down and the worst thing is it is bringing down the whole country with it. It seems the Eritrean government leaders have a hidden agenda against their own country and people.

Eritrea is in a war footing with it’s much larger southern neighbor, Ethiopia. In 1998 Eritrea invaded Ethiopia destroying a number of small towns in the northern border. Eritrean fighter planes killed elementary school children. Since then the Ethiopian defense forces have reversed the Eritrean invasion with a devastating consequences for Eritrea.

Due to Eritrean policy to destabilize the Horn of Africa, they keep sending terrorists to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalenge made it abundantly clear last week to the Eritrean government, if it keeps trying to destabilize Ethiopia he will take decisive action. “The imperative to chop off Asmara’s tentacles of terror for they constitute a direct threat to our national security ” he said.

The Eritrean people are facing unimaginable suffering at the hands of their own government and now the dark clouds of war are over Eritrea. It is up to the Eritrean people to prevent another bloody war from taking place in their land.

As long as the Eritrean government keeps training, financing, arming and sending terrorists to Ethiopia the threat of war against Eritrea will stop being threats and they will become reality.

Some Eritreans are saying we dare you come and try us. Those people are far removed from reality and they are living in a fantasy world. The Eritrean army, population, economy and overall situation is not ready for another war, but if they insist and war is forced against the Ethiopian people, we have every God given right to defend ourselves with whatever we have.

Eritrean singers say mother Eritrea is really sick
Some Eritreans (including the singers of the song "Mama is sick" ) are franticly trying to save their country from becoming another Somalia and save their people from further suffering.

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