Extremists barking in Gonder insult the people of Tigrai
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Extremists barking in Gonder insult the people of Tigrai

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, August 24, 2016

Amhara Extremists barking in Gonder insult the people of Tigrai


Every peace loving Ethiopian should see and hear these threats by narrow Amara extremists in Gonder.  We have attached part of this video last week with one of our articles and some people criticized us saying it is common practice and part of the custom of Tigrai and Gonder people to brandish guns in any public event. They said we have misused the video for propaganda purposes. Wrong!

The video from last week was the last few minutes of this video. Today we decided to share with the public to show you about what is going on in north Gonder with the active encouragement of our arch enemies. These are the people who looted their neighbor’s hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, burned houses, and finally killed the owners. The local governments of Tigrai or Amhara States or the federal government didn’t publicly acknowledge the crimes omitted against Tigraians in some cities of the Amhara regional state. Why?

Last week Al-jazeera TV exposed the truth when it aired the interviews it conducted with Tigrai civilians who fled from Gonder and other towns because of constant harassment and threats to their lives by armed Amhara extremists and gangsters. Why is the federal government trying to hide the truth about what is going on in north western Ethiopia?

"የትግሬ... የመቀሌ በለው። የመቀሌ ያንበጣ ቆርጣሚ ልጅ" The only reason we published this garbage is just so you know.

Well here is a little preview what the extremists are saying publicly and airing it on social media including on You tube where we found this video.

These people are running around shooting guns in Gonder talking about Wolkayit and other parts of Tigrai. If this is really about Wolkayit and Tsegedie why don’t they cross the Angehreb River and show their force in Humera, Dansha, Adi Remetse and other town in Western Tigrai?

This has nothing to do with lack of freedom, identity of certain group of people or democracy, this is pure greed for power and for domination of others. Rest assured not a single none Amhara Ethiopian will not be dominated from now on thanks to the sons and daughters of Tigrai who destroyed that system once and for all.

Everyone of them knows even if by some miracle and act of God the EPRDF government is replaced by any other party, they will never set a foot in an inch of Tigrai soil with that kind of attitude unless they come to their senses and want to live in peace with the rest of the Ethiopian people.

Every single centimeter of Ethiopian land has it’s traditional and indigenous owners so all Ethiopia is for every single Ethiopian equally! No more no less.

Here is the Al Jazeera video interview with Tigraians.

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