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Ethiopian community in Seattle celebrates the 8th Nations and Nationalities

Ethiopian observer editors
Tigrai Onlne - December 17, 2013

A wonderful spectacle and a colorful Ethiopia-Somali origin State, hosted the 8th Nations and Nationalities Day on Sunday in Seattle at the Kings Hall. The celebration was attended by the Honorable Ambassador Zerihun Retta, Consul General of Ethiopia at Los Angeles, the newly appointed former Director of Ethiopian Diaspora General Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and over 350 Ethiopians.

The Ethiopian Somalian community invited all Ethiopians in Seattle to celebrate the economic and political rights that have been guaranteed under the constitutional framework. The Ethiopian Somalis underscored the degree of liberty they have gained in education and economic opportunity.

One of the highlights of the event that captured the imagination of the audience was the enthusiastic and upbeat attitude of the future generations’ promise to lead Ethiopia to prosperity. Each youth expressed what it takes to be a leader is respect, responsibility and to value your own culture and other cultures in order to create a social harmony that leads to solid foundation.

Representatives expressed in their speech that Ethiopia was able to make a commitment to eradicate discrimination by guaranteeing the rights of nationalities’ self-determination and principle of recognition. For the majority of Ethiopian nationalities, such an arrangement was the keystone to eliminate inequalities and subjection a dominant culture that denies their humanity.

Each speaker noted that Ethiopia will and can survive as a political entity only through recognized and understood civil and political rights. Protecting the rights of nationalities to choose the political, economic and cultural autonomy without interference has created peace, solid unity, and stability to propel Ethiopia as a fast growing economy in the world.

Ambassador Zerihun Retta, Consulate General, answered questions regarding some of the concerns that Ethiopians have about yellow cards and housing issues. He expressed repeatedly to answer any issues that Ethiopians have to resolve accordingly based on Ethiopian law to accommodate diaspora needs.

Ethiopian community in Seattle celebrates the 8th Nations and Nationalities

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