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Who is telling the truth, Elias Kifle of Ethiopian Review or Neamin Zeleke of Ginbot-7?

Tigrai Online, Sept. 11, 2014

The Ethiopian terrorists are tearing apart each other

Elias Kifle and Neamin Zeleke, executive committee member of Ginbot 7
Elias Kifle the owner of Ethiopian Review and Neamin Zeleke, executive committee member of Ginbot 7

This week the owner of Ethiopian Review website Elias Kifle published what he called an “investigative” report. The report is about the extradition of Andargachew Tsige the Secretary General of the terrorist group Ginbot -7 from Yemen to Ethiopia.

In his report Elias Kifle says the Eritrean regime systematically forwarded information about Andargachew’s travel details to the Ethiopian government.

Alias Kifle claims that Andargachew Tsige had a huge disagreement with the Eritrean government for years back. His disagreements and arguments didn’t get resolved so he went directly to the Egyptians and other Arab financiers of Ethiopian terrorist groups like Ginbot-7. Though the Egyptians rejected Andargachew’s plea to directly finance his terrorist organization, the Eritreans were so angry about his actions. Elias says “Andargachew’s Cairo trip made them even more offended and insulted. As a payback, they leaked the information to the TPLF through unofficial channels. The Eritreans would not stop there. They decided to eliminate Andargachew because they thought he was becoming uncontrollable.”

The question is why would the Eritrean regime practically hand over the top leader of their terror group? If they thought he was getting out control, why wouldn’t they find another way to get rid of him instead of handing him over to Ethiopia where he would reveal all the secrets of their support to Ethiopian terrorists? This seems very farfetched to be true, but politics is a dirty and brutal line of work.

Adargachew was the second in command in Ginbot-7. As a high official he knew the ins and outs of the terror company he and the Eritreans were running. The Eritrean government would not in their right mind hand him over because his capture will incriminate them beyond doubt. Ethiopia could use the information it found to justify any actions against the Eritrean regime including use of military force.

Then why is Elias Kifle accusing his onetime “Person of the year” president for life of Eritrea? The answer might be because the Egyptians are slowing down their anti Ethiopia propaganda and they are temporarily stopped their fund to Eritrea. If the Eritreans are not bringing the payment what good are they then? It could also be an indication the gap between all the Ginbot-7 factions is getting wider and they are attacking each other.

Neamin Zeleke, executive committee member of Ginbot 7, dismissed Ethiopian Review's “investigative” report. In an interview with Ethiomidia one of the opposition websites, the Ginbot-7 top leader lashed out at Elias Kifle and said “Elias Kifle could have talked to anyone of us but he didn't. Instead, he wrote a fiction out of his own fantasy, which regrettably hurts the struggle we all of us try to promote and bring about the reign of democracy and justice in Ethiopia."

We will never know for sure who is telling the truth, Elias Kifle or Neamin Zeleke, however, the war of words is heating up in the terrorist camp and it is a symptom of a serious disease with no cure.

Elias Kifle is a sworn enemy of the EPRDF government and he has been working to overthrow the Ethiopian government by any means necessary. He also has unimaginable hate towards the people of Tigrai. The Ethiopian Review owner has been an admirer of the brutal Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki. He even made him person of the year in 2008. To justify his choice Elias said “It’s been a long-held tradition of Ethiopian Review to choose “Person of the Year.” The person who is selected by Ethiopian Review’s publisher, in consultation with associates and readers of the journal, is believed to have contributed the most to the betterment of Ethiopia in the past 12 months. For the year 2008, Ethiopian Review has selected President Issayas Afeworki of Eritrea as Person of the Year.

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