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There is no need for Ethiopia to sign any binding agreement with Egypt at this time

Tigrai Online, Sept. 25, 2014

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There is no need for Ethiopia to sign any binding agreement with Egypt at this time - Ethiopian, Egyptian and Sudanese water ministers shake hands in Addis Ababa.

Egyptian Irrigation Minister Hosam Moghazy held a press conference on Wednesday September 24, 2014 after his recent visit to Ethiopia.

The three water ministers from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan had a meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to discuss issues related to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Egypt and Ethiopia has been fighting about the construction of the dam on many fronts.

The three ministers also had some discussion about how to select an international consultation firm agreeable to all of them. According to a report published on the Egyptian Ministry of Information website, the new consultation firm is suppose to do a complete in-depth study on the effects of the GERD on water flow, environmental, social and economic impacts on Egypt and the Sudan.

There have been so many studies and so many teams styling the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, but this one is different. The Egyptian Irrigation Minister is claiming the results of the study are going to be binding to all of the countries. The study by the group is scheduled to be completed in about six months. Why on earth would the Ethiopian government agree to such a document at this time? As far as we know the Egyptians are cooling off and the Egyptian public anger towards the Ethiopian mega project is subsiding. The Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is 40% completed and the Egyptians are not in a better position to assert their bullish ways since they are caught up in their internal political affairs, then on what bases does the EPRDF government decided to agree on a binding document?

Since the results of the study by the international consultation firm is unknown and it can go in favor of the Egyptians, it will be extremely important for the government of Ethiopia not to sign or agree to any binding document. This brings uncomfortable feeling of dťjŗ vu from the Ethiopian-Eritrean border war time. Do you remember the now null and void Algiers agreement? We really donít want to repeat that situation with the Egyptians.

We donít know for sure If the Egyptian minister is telling the truth or not. The Ethiopian government need to come out and explain this issue to the public and clear the potential confusion. If the government didnít take immediate action, the Egyptian paid mouthpieces like ESAT TV will fly with it. If it is true, it will be the mistake of this century and it should be canceled without out any hesitation.


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