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Delay in peace talks in Ethiopia leads to more public suffering

By Addis Moges
Tigrai Online 8/16/2022

The international community may believe that there will be peace between the state in Tigray and the Federal Government. I appreciate this wish and all Tigrians as well as Ethiopians wish too. In fact, that is an optimistic view and it is usually preferable to be than pessimistic. However, the understanding of the international community about the mercurial behavior of the state in Ethiopia is minimal. That is why many Tigrayan and Ethiopian scholars have doubts about how genuine the planned peace deal between the two parts. This conclusion doesn't come out of the blue moon. Rather the argument is emanated from the tangible situation on the ground.

Most scholars believe that the leaders of Prosperity Party are mercurial who have never changed their words to actions. This is widely observed in the past four years. They carried out nix out of the hundred and one promises they vowed to the people.


Since the past four months, they are lauding about peace. They repeatedly told the international community they want peace dialogue with all parts. This is theoretical but in practice they are still carrying out actions that rather evoke conflict.

We can imagine that if the Federal Government is hearty committed to have lasting peace negotiation, it can take some possible actions on the blockades.

Firstly, prosperity leaders could for example take out their own and allied troops from Tigray immediately.

However, the Amhara expansionists, the Eritrean troops along with the Ethiopian troops are still in Tigray. If there is a genuine need for peace what are they doing there? Is it to enhance peace that the troops remain there and continued abominating Tigrayans. Had the government had commitment for peace, they would have taken all these troops out of Tigray

Secondly, the people of Tigray have been suffering of the blockades since last year. They are being deprived of their rights to basic services like Telecommunication, Banking, Electricity, in and out movements. In contradictory to international conventions, the Federal Government has been denying access to basic needs of the people. It has been using it as an instrument of its ethnic cleansing.

At least at this time, the Federal Government should curb these harmful deeds and open all these blockades. So, how can the Government could be committed for peace negotiation having suspended the accounts of the entire Tigrayans. How can one think about genuine peace talk while the people is altogether banned to withdraw their own saved money.

Thirdly, a large number of Tigrayans are behind the bars only for their identity. Tigrayans who live in different parts of Ethiopia are usually in fears. The government has been continuing its ethnic cleansing scheme.

Finally, even the passage of aid started by influence of the international community to Tigray, it is insufficient. There is scarce of fuel to move the aid from Mekelle to people in various parts of Tigray. As a result, millions of people including children, mothers and older people are still suffering of hunger.

Therefore, the international community though optimistic for peace, they should read well the mercurial behavior of the prosperity leaders and they need to act accordingly. The peace deal shouldn't take any more time. As it takes more and more time, the people of Tigray are suffering.

In the same token, the state in Tigray should not wait a long time with hope for peace. If peace is going to be a day dream, no more time should be spent. Solutions are needed to be set carried out urgently before the rainy season comes to its end. If not things will be moved to an unexpected direction which could further spoil the peace. From the daily messages from Prosperity Party, the peace deal seems to buy time for further preparation for another bloodshed.

Ethiopian, Amhara and Eritrean forces out of Tigrai

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