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Tedros Kasahun also known as Teddy Afro cancels European concert

Tigrai Online December 6, 2014

Tedros Kasahun also known as Teddy Afro cancels European concert
Those who bought tickets are expected to get their money back.

Teddy Afro the controversial Ethiopian singer’s European concert was suppose to kick off in Helsinki, Finland on December 06, 2014 but for unknown reason the concert is canceled. The organizers of the concert who announced the cancelation didn’t give any detail information. As you can hear from the video they mentioned the situation was out of their control. They also said everyone who bought concert tickets can get their refund where they bought the tickets.

Tedros Kasahun is not new to controversy in fact he seems to be attracting more and more every year. Last December he ended up in big trouble because of his comment about a bloody campaign by King Menlik to the South of Ethiopia calling holly war.  Eventually Bedele and Pepsi canceled their sponsorship.

We are not sure what caused the cancelation this year but we wouldn’t be surprised if he put himself in to hot water again.


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