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American attempt to revive a seven year old corpses is futile

Badme is where it belongs, but Assab is not - የቆጡን ላወርድ ብላ የብብትዋን ጣለች

Tigrai Onlne - February 02, 2014

The town of Zalambesa in Tigrai was destroyed by Eritrea in 1998

Why was the town of ZalaAmbesa destroyed by the Eritreans? Almost every house and business was bulldozed by Eritrea. Why? Occupying a town in a time of war is not new but completely ruining it comes form extreme hate. We should not let that happen again ever.

Last month three American seasoned diplomats have been flirting with idea of restoring normal relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  They called it “bringing Eritrea from the cold”.

They are not talking about restoring or normalizing relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea, it is more about Eritrea and the United States.  Then you might say why all the sudden they want to restore relationship with most brutal regime in the world? Did the Westerners realize their view of the mercenary government in Asmara who is selling Eritrean youth to the highest bidder is wrong? No, the Westerners didn’t find any new facts that would help them change their mind about the African North Korea.

To understand the sudden warming of America towards Eritrea, we need to understand the American overall grand policy. The Westerners don't not have any real friend their true friend is their national interest. If any country, any group or any person stands on the way of their national interest, they are met with the same fate, destruction.

The West's policy towards the Horn of Africa and the Middle East has two sides. The first one is to prevent terrorism from reaching their soil. The second is to make sure goods and services flow uninterrupted to the West through the Suez Canal.

The Iraq war, Afghanistan war, bombardment of the Sudan, the Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan, Yemeni and Syrian so called revolutions are part of the new American policy.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean war was unexpected glitch on the implementing of the Grand policy in the area. Tiny Eritrea’s leader’s arrogance become out of control and started to derail the system. The Westerners don’t care if Badme is part of Ethiopia or in Eritrea. They don’t care about the brutal treatment of the Eritrean people.

The new initiative by the American diplomats is planned to reward Eritrea Ethiopian sovereign lands. Why? Because Ethiopia is becoming powerful and they probably need to establish some type of spying military garrison in Eritrea to control the region. The other reason is based on fear that in the long run Ethiopia might swallow Eritrea, Djibouti and Somali Land shutting the door to Africa for the westerners. It might even control the red sea. These are nightmarish scenarios the westerners don’t want to entertain.


Ethiopia should right out dismiss the new initiative and officially declare the Algiers Agreement with all the documents and agreements attached to it including the EEBC decisions are Null and Void.  If there is a border issue to be dealt with it is not Badme, it is Assab and the natural Ethiopian coastline. Badme never has been and never will be Eritrean territory, but Adolis and the Assab coast line have been an integral part of Ethiopia since the time of Axumite kingdom.  Any negotiations should include a referendum to the Dankali Afar people who are under Eritrean occupation right now.

Ethiopia was able to navigate through the tangled up web of international conspiracy and diplomacy. It is marching towards long-term self reliance and out of poverty. Ethiopia has effectively neutralized the Eritrean and Egyptian threat for good. It is not hard to see Somalia is practically under Ethiopian control. The main rebel groups like OLF, ONLF and many small once have chose to work with the government by abandoning armed struggle. The Arab spring revolution is working to the advantage of Ethiopia and the banana revolution which was intended to bring mayhem to Ethiopia died before it was born.

All the above developments are helping the balance of power shift from Egypt to Ethiopia. If Ethiopia keeps growing the way it is, it might become a big force hard to deal with. This does not fit to the Grand American Policy in the area. Then how would you control this proud nation of Ethiopia, which has it’s eyes in space already? The answer is very easy, you try to revive the seven year old corpse.

What the CIA and the Westerners don’t understand is the Ethiopian people have awoken. Their imagination has been sparked. There is no power on this earth that will extinguish the Ethiopian hope and desire to succeed.

The only way for Ethiopia is one, one way to greatness.

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