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Oakland Institute targets fashion retailer Hennes and Mauritz - H&M for investing in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online December 1, 2014

Oakland Institute targets fashion retailer Hennes and Mauritz - H&M for investing in Ethiopia
If you peel of the fake cover from the so called human rights advocates, you can see they are working against humans.

The latest targets for the anti Ethiopia groups are companies and individuals investing in Ethiopia.  The international monopolies who were hesitant to invest in Ethiopia for different reasons are trying to blackmail the Ethiopian government and the companies who are pouring billions of direct investment dollars to the Ethiopian economy.

This week they are targeting the fashion retailer Hennes and Mauritz - H&M. In August 2013 H&M announced it was expanding to Ethiopia investing millions of dollars and creating thousands of employment for Ethiopian youth. The Indian born Executive Director of the Oakland Institute, Anuradha Mittal is furious about the development of Ethiopia. Oakland Institute with the collaboration of some shady Ethiopian groups is on a witch hunt against H&M and the Ethiopian government. We searched the Oakland Institute’s website and we found over 580 articles which are anti Ethiopia and companies that are investing in Ethiopia.

For the past ten years countries who don’t want to see the Ethiopian people getting out of the grinding poverty has been doing everything they can to derail our country from it’s path. Their actions range from sponsoring rebel groups and terrorists to preventing banks from lending money for development. They used countries like Eritrea with corrupted and rogue governments to launch military attacks.

They use terrorist groups like Ginbot-7, ONLF, OLF and Al-Shabab to destruct the Ethiopian people from fighting poverty. They use legally registered political parties like CUD and bloggers to spread poisons propaganda and spark Arab spring like unrest. All this is to stop Ethiopia from achieving its goal of feeding it’s people.

There are two major forces behind these coordinated attacks against Ethiopia. The first group is neighboring countries like Egypt and Eritrea. The second group is foreign large multibillion monopoly companies.

The neighboring countries want a weak and poor Ethiopia so they divide and rule our people. If Ethiopia is weak they would be able to suck it’s natural resources without much resistance. The monopolies want destabilize Ethiopia so they can drive out the companies from competitive countries like China. They want to establish similar businesses in the region where they can easily dominate the people.

The main cover they use for their sinister plan is the old and tired trick of human rights. One of the worst groups next to Human Rights Watch is the Oakland Institute.  Led by Anuradha Mittal this organization attacks companies that are actively investing in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is registering remarkable economic progress never seen in it’s history. Millions of Ethiopians are getting out of poverty. Ethiopia is almost self sufficient in food production. Hunger and famine are becoming a distant history in the Ethiopian collective memory.  The overall Ethiopian economic development is described as a miracle by many.

Then what does this Indian lady and her so called institute got against our people and country? The answer is very obvious, she has vested interest on opposing the development of Ethiopia. We know for sure she has no idea what the lives of the people in the remote parts of Ethiopia look like. She is living her comfortable life in California, USA.


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