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The ugly consequences of EPRDF’s foolish naivety towards OPDO’s nefarious agenda

By Seifeselassie Gebre
Tigrai Online, Feb. 17, 2018


Since the last two years, our Country’s two regions, namely Amhara and Oromia have been burning albeit on-and-off with ethnic-driven killings of innocent citizens and destructions of state and private properties by outlaws and criminals with impunity and in front of the very eyes and with the tacit blessings and covert support of the regions’ political leaders and the local police. Instead of protecting innocent citizens, the federal Government’s reactions were mostly silence at best or outright appeasement of the criminal thugs at worst. Whatever minimum actions the Government took to protect innocent lives and properties were very insignificant and shameful. The Government’s repeated failures to carry out its Constitutional duties and responsibilities to maintain law and order have clearly emboldened the already misled, confused and emotionally-driven youth hooligans to intensify their criminal activities of harassment, killings, arson, and ethnic cleansing in places like Gondar, Harrar, Woldeya, etc. During all these times, the federal Government was fooling itself and the public by claiming that the causes for all these havocs and destructions were certain “Government weaknesses” and “legitimate people’s demands” while it was abundantly clear from the beginning that the real causes were and are the covert strategies and evil activities of our Country’s deadly enemies and their domestic treasonous collaborators. Their fake causes and pretexts were shear smart covers and guises and have nothing to do with the people’s genuine demands. It is due to the long destabilizing and destructive arms of Egypt and Eritrea using our known domestic sellouts namely Ginbot-7 and OLF and their fifth columnists inside ANDM, OPDO and the federal Government. They are the ones who remotely finance, coordinate and control the destabilizing and terrorist activities from Cairo and Asmara. Even universities are not spared from these attacks and killings. This is the real situation and no amount of lame excuse and cover-up would change the fact. As a pretext to push their agenda, these forces always come up with endless, impractical and illegal demands and would not be satisfied even if EPRDF completely fulfills all their demands except handing over state power to them on a silver platter as their real agenda was never the fulfillment of their demands from the very beginning. Their strategy and dream is to make the Country ungovernable 'ala color revolution' with widespread killings, destructions and arsons till the EPRDF Government either collapses on its own weight or overthrown by some unknown forces so that they would assume state power thereafter. Except emboldening the criminals to intensify their illegal activities, EPRDF’s unwise policy of appeasement and now its sudden and unexpected actions of endless pardons without getting any reciprocal response and concession from the opposition camps have not brought any semblance of peace, security and law & order so far. Highly successful countries such as USA, China, Turkey did not achieve their present peaceful and prosperous status by endless appeasements and pardons but instead by firm and decisive actions. We all recall with sadness the Egyptian and Eritrea-instigated security crisis that occurred in certain Amhara and Oromia localities last year and this year and the Government’s "too little too late" reactions that resulted in the loss of precious lives and the destruction of much property.

It now seems that the EPRDF Government is reaping the cumulative and ugly fruits of its two and half years of utter inactions and appeasements. Since the last three days, a well-coordinated attempt by hooligans and outlaws is going on to mount road blocks in all major highways in Oromia including the one to and from Addis Ababa and to force and terrorize innocent business owners to close their shops in the aim of disrupting and halting the peaceful lives and commercial activities of citizens and paralyze the entire Nation. The federal Government is still in deep sleep and not acting (I don’t know until when) and now even Addis Ababa’s peripheral towns such as Legetafo, Dukem , Woliso, Holeta, Sululta, Burayu, etc. are not spared from these havocs and destructions and it seems the federal police/ defense forces would not act unless Arat Kilo is attacked as they are not concerned about the safety and wellbeing of millions of citizens in the rest of our Country. As a result, the Ethiopian Government has practically confined and reduced itself to the status of the “Addis Ababa Government” and made our capital city the sole enclave and safe haven for multi-ethnic Ethiopians surrounded by and located at the heart of “lawless and wild Oromia”. Our Country’s current major predicament emanates from the fact that we have a weak and wavering political leadership while we have a strong, disciplined and dependable security/ military establishments.   

Even though certain weaknesses and shortcomings of the ruling party and the incumbent Government have definitely played a significant role in our present predicament by creating fertile grounds for these evil groups' activities, the bulk of the Country’s present challenges and dangers emanate from the fact that our two prime enemies, Egypt and Eritrea and their loyal domestic foot soldiers, namely Ginbot-7 and OLF, are able to cleverly exploit the Government’s internal weaknesses and shortcomings. The Government should be duly aware and effectively counter the classic strategy of the “fifth columnists” (the domestic agents of the extreme diaspora group) including those in ANDM and OPDO who are deeply entrenched in the Government bureaucracies (both at federal and regional level) and who are effectively using the motto “using the law to break the law” and “using the federal system to weaken and destroy the federal system”. The Ethiopian people may have “certain legitimate demands” and the Government may have “certain weaknesses and shortcomings” just like other peoples and governments elsewhere in the World. There is nothing special or exceptional with our Country here. However, we haven’t seen anywhere in the World where these demands and weaknesses have caused so many killings and so much destructions except may be recently in Ethiopia. The said demands and weaknesses in our Country these days are only pretexts and covers while the real and hidden agenda is overthrowing the Government and assuming state political power by force.

Though the Oromia regional state officials (including some in the Federal Government) tried to make the present disturbances look like some kind of spontaneous public protests, however, it is actually a meticulously planned and well financed joint project of Egypt and Eritrea that is being ruthlessly executed by the ethno-fascist criminal youth group known as Querro. This group was created and molded on the model of the notorious Somali youth terror group Al-shabab. While Al-Shabab is a religious extremist, Querro is ethnic extremist but they are all extremists and terrorist groups. Both Al-Shabab and Querro mean “the youth” in Somali and Oromo languages respectively and above all, their strategies and tactics of terror, killings and destructions are exactly the same. Querro is simply Ethiopia’s Al-Shabab. It is not comprehensible, however, as to why neither the Federal nor the regional governments are talking about these dangerious criminal thugs let alone taking urgent and appropriate law enforcement actions against them. It couldn’t be overlooking other than a very sophisticated conspiracy to overthrow the legitimate Government and change the Federal system. We recall from history about the term “Wild West” to express the era of lawlessness in the 17th century America. It seems that we are now having our own “wild Oromia” in the 21st century. What a shame!              

Furthermore, in line with the recent EPRDF’s deep renewals, TPLF conducted its own party self-evaluation (Gemgema) and accused its chairman of serious maladministration and incompetency and removed him from his post. Though the ANDM and OPDO leaders were similarly accused of these weaknesses too, more than that, they were found guilty of a far greater and serious matter which is their repeated and deliberate failure to maintain peace and law and order in their regions and to protect the lives of innocent citizens particularly those from other ethnic groups. Nevertheless, 

nobody was held responsible from these two parties and they are all still in power as they are the ones who are the very architects and leaders of the current evil conspiracies and destabilizing activities in the Country albeit behind the scene. Even the Prime Minister indirectly admitted his shortcomings and failures and presented his resignation yesterday while the big culprits, OPDO and ANDM leaders are still in power. It is the belief of many genuine citizens that the PM’s request for resignation is wrong-timed as it inflames the already tense situation and further embolden the outlaws and criminal thugs. We are even observing now that normal and peaceful political discourses and differences are being replaced by dangerous ethnic alliances and groupings as seen in the rapprochements and covert co-operations of ANDM with Ginbot-7 in Amhara region and OPDO with OLF in Oromia region. It now seems that the OPDO’s fifth columnists and their OLF allies/ operatives have exhausted all their lies and are exposed naked. They were not in the media the last few days and I don’t know what fresh lies they would come out with next time. However, in an unusual manner (meaning without mentioning the usual lame excuses “Government weaknesses” and “peoples demand”, one of the top leaders of OPDO expresses his soft, half-hearted and least concerns (without any outrage and condemnation) few days back about the illegal activities and heinous crimes of blockade of roads, forcing shops to close, burning of properties including gas stations and killings of innocent citizens that is being committed in his region in broad daylight for the last three days. What a joke and travesty of the rule of law


In light of the present grave and worrisome situation of our Country, I have started to believe that since we could not create a “strong government institutions” to contain our current security crisis, may be it is best to have a “strong man” at least to halt the present disturbances and destructions. While the security situation of our Country is fast deteriorating and has continued to crumble, EPRDF is still mostly talking about its economic development successes. First thing is first, and the issues of peace, security, and stability should be given  utmost priority as they are always the crucial prerequisites and pillars for our Country’s continued socio-economic development.

Last but not least, the Neo-liberal forces in the West who are extremely allergic to Ethiopia’s independent foreign policies and “developmental state “economic model and its impressive achievements and who are very concerned about its setting bad precedents (off course in the eyes of the neo-liberals) to other African Countries are persistently and covertly encouraging and supporting these destructive forces through their media/ psychological weapons such as VOA Amharic, German Amharic and BBC Amharic radios in addition to hosting and facilitating the operations of poisonous media propaganda and lie machines such ESAT and OMN in the aim of causing color revolution in our Country, topple the legitimate Ethiopian Government and change the Federal system

Hence, for the sake of our Country’s security and continued existence as a unified nation, I urge EPRDF to come out of its self-inflicted coma and take the following steps immediately:

  1. Reinstate the previously prematurely-lifted state of emergency for indefinite period until the invisible and evil hands of Egypt, Eritrea and their treasonous domestic mercenary agents such as Ginbot-7 and OLF are effectively controlled or cut and until the security situation of our country is completely and irreversibly safe and stable;
  2. Arrange the formation of an institutionalized and permanent presence of Federal government ( Defense, police and intelligence) forces in all localities, sub-regions and regions of the country with adequate legal mandate and ready to execute these responsibilities on short notice, that is to maintain and safeguard the country’s peace, stability and infrastructure at all times.
  3. Put all inter-state and intra-state highways (including 25 kms. radius. on either side of the highway) under the direct control of the Federal Government for a long or indefinite time as they are the lifelines and arteries of our Country’s economic and commercial movements and as they are the properties of the whole Ethiopian people and not of a specific region they happened to be located:
  4.  Put also all major national infrastructures (electric, water, tele, dams, railway, etc.) and major foreign and domestic investment sites such as Dangote cement, Derba cement, Habesha cement etc. under the security control of the Federal Government. After all Ethiopia is not a Confederation of independent and sovereign countries but a federation of non-sovereign regional states. There is only one sovereign country here and that is Ethiopia.
  5. Suspend or at least restrict social media services such as Facebook for an indefinite period until the security situation in our Country is irreversibly secured and until our people are adequately enlightened to differentiate truth from false and facts from lies.
  6. Decree and implement a special law for death penalties for savage killers and dangerious arsonists and harsh and long term imprisonments for other offenders in order to deter and halt the occurrences of such heinous crimes in the future. After all, there is death penalty even in the USA, the most democratic nation on Earth. It is only through this way that the Government can stop these savage crimes and destructions and definitely not through fruitless appeasements and pardons. 
  7. Outlaw the notorious Oromo extremist/ terrorist group known as Querro, arrest its ringleaders and operatives and bring them to justice in the interest of the invaluable peace and stability of our dear Country and the security and safety of our people.   

May God bless and protect Ethiopia and Ethiopians. 



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