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An open letter to the Amnesty International, a biased Human Rights Organization

By Gebretsadkan Kebede
Tigrai Online, May 25, 2015

Human Rights Organizations are established to serve the civilians in protecting from any abuses of both human and democratic right worldwide equally without any discriminations color and race differences. They are also expected create awareness on any violations of human and democratic rights. They monitor repression by governments groups, individuals up on civilians in violation of the laws and convention of United Nations human rights council. Amnesty International should apologized to the government and people of Ethiopia for it’s defaming the pre-election democratic practices or process in the campaign of all political parties conducted peacefully. Especially The director of East Africa, horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Muthoni Wanyeki tried to mislead the world by promoting false reports as she is the messenger of the neoliberals and die hard toxic Diaspora Ethiopians. She is one of the immoral political activists hiding herself under the nominal human rights. 


It is not uncommon to observe false disseminating propaganda by such political activist in the name of human rights watch. For instance, even for the last four periodic free, democratic and credible successful elections, these political activists human rights were grieve over as the political parties couldn’t get parliament seat to serve them.

If the Amnesty International Human Rights Organization is a truly human rights organization watch dog, it is/was expected to voice for the voiceless thousands of Africans sinking in Mediterranean Sea, slaughtered in a sunny day like a sheep in the Libyan deserts and the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea by the devil terrorist groups it gave a deaf ear. When smugglers and illegal human traffics acting inhuman, modern slavery acts, these human rights originations could nothing to say and are not able even to sound the world except the EU.

But such organizations are advocating for political parties, individual journalists and bloggers /meant watching dog Human Right Organization /to destabilize democratic and self-reliance nations and states. These individual journalists and bloggers are criminals and are jailed by the independent court for years. Nobody is master of the rule of the law except the Sovereignty of the rule of the law of the Constitution itself.

Our elections are sign of our sovereignty and we are able to conduct credible, free and democratic, peaceful periodic elections every five years. We Africans have the right to conduct peaceful and democratic elections without the intervention of other bodies.

Now a days, the world is shocking with terrorism and many countries able to revise their anti-terrorism laws, such as France, Great Britain , Germany, and others. Did these nominal human rights organization say something about the revised laws of anti -terrorism? So what is wrong with the Ethiopian Anti- terrorism laws? Is it because of it is African’s law.

The Ethiopian Government was working proactively to safe guard the security of its people and sovereignty by taking in to consideration that the Horn of Africa is very sensitive for the terrorist groups and their sponsors.

However, denying the objective and subjective realities of the Horn of Africa and mother country Ethiopia, these nominal human rights organizations are barking like a morning hyena in every corner to advocate and act as mouth Piece of the notorious bloggers and journalists .and to defame the credible election.

In the pre election all political parties are able to addressee their campaign using the print, medias, electronic medias and face to face debates according their capacity to the public. About 36.8 million people were registered for elections, 58 opponent parties are participating in the 45, 000 electoral poll stations all over the country. All voters are able to understand the programs of every political party from the campaign. So as they haven’t any confusion to which party to vote for the coming five years as they get good awareness in the campaigns .The Electoral Board is also accomplishing every steps according to the standards of the National Democratic Institutions, NDI.

Besides, while in the election those rational political parties gave their witness that the election process is taking place free, democratic and peacefully. Such as The Coalition Party, UDJ, Ethiopian Democratic Party, and others gave their witness that the election process is/was democratic and advised the public / voters/ to vote whom they want to win by the ballot box peacefully. These are the facts what we Ethiopians understand and observed from the ground.

However, the witness and source of information of Amnesty International is ‘the boys are boys’ Blue party/ Semayawi party not any other third party. Therefore, your report is un credible, biased, intentionally wants to abuse the credible election conducted 0n May 24/2015 and to mislead the world and create destabilization in the country. This is your number one target., However, Ethiop[a is not Ukraine, Georgia, Chili, Arabs or others.

In general, let our people judge us, not any institution or others from outside to act in behalf us. After all, to conduct a democratic, credible, fair and free election should be credible by our people, who are responsible for electing all the political parties and everybody /party is waiting to see which party wins from the ballot box.

Our People also aware that the nominal Human Rights activist but political activists are targeting to enforce the immoral defeated political parties to rise color revolution like what was happening in the above mentioned countries. Therefore, We Ethiopians know that because of the peace we have tasted, we are able to ensure sustainable economic growth, our Renaissances and nobody can deny it. Because of the peace we able to build Mega Projects like the   Great Renaissances Dam, Sugar Factories, chemical factories and others by ourselves and bilateral agreements. So as Many job opportunities will be created soon and our Renaissances will be ensured. We hope to win the visionary party, the ruling party The EPRDF in order to reach the middle income. In addition, elections are the sovereignty of the people and the country.

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