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Ethiopian extremists using Oromo school children to grab power

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 9, 2015

Oromo student protestors in Mattu
Power hungry Ethiopian extremists using Oromo school children to grab power illigally

The Ethiopian extremists are back at it again trying to plunge the country in to chaos. Ethiopia is surrounded by strategic enemies who are always ready to take the smallest social problem and turn it into huge country wide unrest.


The Ethiopian enemies have a vast networks of internal and external groups organized under one goal overthrown the Ethiopian government. These groups are financed by the Arab countries under the direct guidance of the Egyptian intelligence agencies. All Ethiopia’s enemies use the Eritrean regime to get close to Ethiopia. All anti Ethiopia terrorist and extremes groups have military and training bases in Eritrea.

Why are the Egyptians in particular and the Arabs in general working to disintegrate and dismantle Ethiopia? The Egyptians are worried about the Nile River water and most of the Arab countries think Ethiopia is the gate of Africa, if they can covert the Ethiopian Christians to the Muslim faith, they can control Africa and its resources.

Why is the Eritrean government working to weaken Ethiopia? It is based on distorted dream of advancing and modernizing Eritrean Economy by robbing Ethiopian resources. As it is now Eritrea has no chance of getting any resources from Ethiopia, but if Ethiopia is weak, divided, and caught in an endless civil war or internal conflict, tiny Eritrea can suck Ethiopia’s raw material without too much resistance.

Why do the Ethiopian extremists and terrorists work towards destroying Ethiopia?

Some like OLF and ONLF secessionist groups who want to create independent countries out of Ethiopia. Groups like Ginbot-7, Arbengoch Ginbar, EPPF, and other chauvinist groups are riff raff of the previous racist administrations who thought Ethiopia belonged to one ethnic group. They are trying to reverse the tremendous success gained so far thought the struggle of the Tigrai people and the Ethiopian people in general.

Many of the above groups can’t state their end goal to the public because they would be chased by the Ethiopia people. What they do is they attach themselves to any cause they think that has massive support. Starting from 1991 when the EPRDF first came to power we can see these groups trying to attach themselves to some issues that were raised by the public and they tried to inflame them.

All the above issues have one thing in common to some extent they were raised by some people in Ethiopia. Every time the morally corrupted and politically failed groups sneak in and took over and turn them in to their own agenda. They push very naive young people by remote control from the United States of America or Europe to do their dirty work. The young Ethiopian students and other elements without realizing they are being used as a cannon fodder for other forces go around and destroy property. The Federal Police trying to do its job confronts the people then people lose their lives in the process. At the same time those forces are waiting patiently safe in their villas in Washington DC and London, while poor kids are being hurt when they confront the police and security forces.

This week we see the headlines of some international news media and Ethiopian social media sites flooded with fake and real photos of young people running around in some parts of Ethiopia. Allegedly the Ethiopian students in Oromia regional state schools are demonstrating against a master plan to expand the area of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, into Oromia.

You know it has nothing to do with land or explanation of the city of Addis Ababa, but it is well planned propaganda by the evil forces like Semayawi or Islamawi party and the likes.

The usual call to the public to get up and overwhelm the Ethiopian security forces has been issued by the extremist groups. “There are calls as well for opposition parties to forge unity and push for a national uprising against the tyrannical regime in Addis.” one of the opposition websites advocating the overthrowing of the government said in a caption to one of the videos. This is a reminder to the Oromo students, from Ginbot-7 and Semayawi party, hey we are right behind you go! go! go! but, remember to call for the overthrow of the federal government in Ethiopia too. If this protests are against the so called land explanation why are they asking for national uprising against the government?

Every Ethiopian need to ask the following critical questions the leaders of the Ethiopian extremist groups.

Let’s say they succeeded on gathering massive numbers of Ethiopians to support an issue like the one mentioned above, then what?

Let’s say they managed to take over the Menlik Palace in Addis Ababa, then what?


Let’s say every big city in the country is drowned by noisy protesters, radio stations, television stations are seized, everything is halted and the EPRDF government collapses, then what?

What would the Ethiopian strategic enemies like Egypt, Shabiya, Al-Shabab of Somalia, ISIS and the Wahabists do then?

Do you think we will have justice, democracy and freedom then?

Working to bring about more democracy and freedom to Ethiopia by working peacefully is totally different than working with our enemies who are waiting for our country to break in to pieces.

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