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Panic stricken Eritrean regime clamps on the capital Asmara

Tigrai Onlne - August 31, 2014

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Since the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced the change of military policy towards Eritrea, the regime in Asmara has been in a panic mode.

Early this month the Ethiopian government said it has abandoned the no war no peace policy. Instead Ethiopia will be working to dismantle the dictatorship in Eritrea if the rootless gangsters continue their destabilizing actions in the Horn of Africa.

Isolated and broke the Eritrean regime has lost it’s one and only friend this month to Ethiopia when Ethiopia and the Sudan signed an agreement to establish a joint military force.

Egypt who was pushing Eritrea to destabilize Ethiopia is changing its stand realizing Egyptian interest will be better served working with Ethiopia, instead of with bankrupt rogue state like Eritrea. According to Tigrai Online sources the Egyptians are distancing themselves after the overthrow of the Islamic President Morsi.

Now the Eritrean government is standing by itself in front of the much larger and determined foe, the gallant Ethiopian defense forces.  The Eritrean people and army what is left of it don’t to do anything with the regime. Out of desperation the regime is doing whatever it can to survive. There are numerous reposts coming out from Asmara the Eritrean one man grime is franticly working to reinforce the conscripted army.

A new round of conscription is going on in Asmara to replenish the military units that are empty because most of their members fled to Ethiopia. Eritrean Opposition websites are reporting the city is crowded with armed militia to facilitate the hunt for draft dodgers and intimidate the public.

Fear has gripped the city of half a million people. Youngsters are hiding to avoid conscription because they know they are not coming alive if war broke out between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Parents are sneaking out their kids out of Eritrea to the Ethiopia and Sudan to save them from becoming the next cannon fodders.

The Eritrean government in a desperate attempt to cling to power has reportedly given full access of its territorial waters to Russuia to do military exercise.  That will not do any good to dying Eritrean regime since Ethiopia and Russia are planning to strengthen their bilateral relations. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is expected to visit Ethiopia in mid September 2014. Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Vsevolod Tkachenko said “The visit aimed at strengthening our political cooperation and interaction and various bilateral areas .We are planning to discuss the full agenda of our bilateral relations and our cooperation on the international arena, of course we will discuss issues of economic cooperation in general and prospects of new bilateral agreements which will facilitate our cooperation in various fields.

This leaves the Eritrean leaders dead in the water no matter what they do. Russia is most likely looking to intimidate the west by carrying out its military exercise in the Red Sea than intending to harm Ethiopian interest.

The Russians know this simple fact, if they want to do any business in Africa, they need to work with the fastest growing country in Africa, Ethiopia.

The Eritrean people are showing remarkable resistance to the evil regime despite the complete control it has on their lives. What is lucking is the courageous group of people to organize the population to direct its anger in a cohesive manner to help them remove this public menace once and for all.

Conscripted Sawa boys and girls in a military parade

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