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Is Andargachew Tsige a peaceful campaigner or an armed fighter?

Tigrai Online, April 10, 2015

Is Andargachew Tsige a peaceful campaigner or an armed fighter?

Andargachew Tsige in Eritrea wearing a military fatigue with his rebel comrades overseeing a military training of new recruits.

This week some Graham Peebles wrote an article about the former Secretary General of the terrorist group Ginbot -7, Andargachew Tsige. Since the extradition of Andargachew Tsige back in June 2014, there have been many articles written about the commander of the armed wing of Ginbot-7. Some writers wrote in support of Mr. Andargachew Tsige passionately, but others wrote about his sinister military plan to overthrow the Ethiopian government using bloody means with help of the rouge Eritrean regime.

What makes Graham Peebles article is he has no clue about the politics of Ethiopia. The article is full of lies and fabrications. It seems Mr, Peebles was extremely angry at his wife or he was high when he wrote the article. Peebles tried in vain to portray the military leader of Ginbot-7 as a peaceful British citizen and working man “Tsige is the secretary general of Ginbot-7, a peaceful campaign group which fiercely opposes the policies of the Ethiopian party-state, controlled for 24 years by the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)”.Mr. Peebles said in his article.

Graham Peebles if you really did your homework you would have found out Ginbot-7 is a terrorist group who is supported by the terrorist state of Eritrea which is under sanctions by the UN Security Council for supporting terrorists in Somalia and Ethiopia. Maybe Mr. Peebles is trying to hide the fact Ginbot-7 is a military group while Ginbot-7 is openly admitting it has thousands of terrorists trained, armed and ready in Eritrea. The “huge army of Ginbot-7 is supposedly ready to strike at Ethiopia any time according to the high officials of the group. We don’t know which dictionary Mr. Peebles is reading, but a violent armed group is not defined as a peaceful campaigners, it is called terrorist groups. Ethiopia as a nation and Ethiopians as people have every right to self defense from those who are hell-bent to destroy their country.

Graham Peebles is also mad at the British government for not doing enough to free Andargachew Tsige. “If a government gives funds to a government, effectively the EPRDF, which is killing, raping, imprisoning and torturing its own citizens, and then does nothing, it is complicit in the crimes thus being committed” he said  criticizing the British and American governments.

Graham Peebles conveniently overlooked that the British government would have more information about Andargachew Tsige than he would. Maybe based on the facts it has the British government decided Andargachew Tsige should justice for his terrorist action.

Mr. Peebles what you described above sounds like you took it right from the history books about what you British were doing throughout the world especially in Africa for the past four hundred years. When your fathers and grandfathers were looting, killing, enslaving, raping and humiliating the African people.


Graham Peebles, the world community is fully aware of your old tricks to use aid for pressuring countries to let you loot their precious resources. What you forgetting Mr. Peebles is it is not the 18 hundreds, it is the 20th century. You are not invincible to fall victim to the same tricks you are using against other nations and people. You might want to look inwards to your own tiny island country which is cracking at the seams. Instead of worrying about Ethiopia, you should worry about the Scottish people who are trying to secede from you or the people of Northern Ireland who has been fighting for their freedom for years.

If the grant money you get from your handlers is drying up and you think you have to bash some country to appear you are doing something important, don’t do it at the expense of our country and our people.

We don’t think you are in a moral position to tell us about human rights, freedom and democracy Mr. Peebles. You really don’t care about Africans in general and the Ethiopian people in particular. The real problem you are having is Ethiopia is becoming an example for other Africans how to get out of poverty and before you can say Ethiopia, this glorious vast country will say thank you to your handouts. Africans will be truly free from your indirect colonialism very soon. You won’t be able to use your food aid as a weapon against our people and that is a terrifying concept for people like you.

In the above video the Eritrean Satellite Television ESAT shows to supporters of the terrorist group an evidence that the military wing of Ginbot-7 is attacking Ethiopia. This military attack is supposedly in western Tigrai state in Adi Goshu town. So, what was Andargachew Tsige doing in Eritrea? According to Graham Peebles Andargachew was peacefully camaianing in military uniforms with his infantry troops.

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