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What do you think about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed performance so far?

Tigrai Online, May 25, 2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed performance review after 50 days in office
Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed swearing ceremony.


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It has been about 50 days, nearly two months since the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed became Ethiopia’s prime minister. IN the past seven weeks he has toured the country and visited neighboring countries in including Saudi Arabia which the only country outside of Africa to date.

Relatively the country is calm and majority of people seem hopeful and happy but, we should not forget there is state of emergency in place, we don't if it would have been quite like it is now if the state of emergency wasn't declared.


Tigrai Online would love to hear your thoughts about Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed overall performance as a prime minister. Tell us what impressed you might mention some of the official government business he conducted that you think are great or some of the actions you don’t approve of.

For example you can use the following points as starting points.

We are not saying the following points are good or bad, that is your job, we are just listing some of developments since Dr. Abiy became prime minister please add your own highlights if you wish. If you are with the opposition inside or outside of Ethiopia or if you are Eritrean, you are also welcome to comment and join the discussion as long as you make sure your comment is mostly factual and stay away from propaganda.

  • Many prisoners were released from Ethiopian prisons including some high profile once.
  • On the cabinet reshuffle many high federal positions are held by Oromos.
  • Many retired and semi retired advisers were let go mostly from Tigrai.
  • He visited Djibouti, Sudan, and Kenya and he signed deals to enable Ethiopia to have a stake in Djibouti and Sudan’s ports.
  • When visited Saudi Arabia he helped the release of 1400 Ethiopians from prison.
  • When he toured Ethiopia he spoke in the three major Ethiopian languages.
  • Extremist groups think they will have a better chance to attack TPLF and the people of Tigrai and we are seeing some indication of that.
  • Opposition groups including those who were in exile are warming up to the new PM some of them started to return back to Ethiopia.



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