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Ginbot-7 and itís evil twin Semayawi party are political scavengers

Tigrai Online, November 17, 2013

Ginbot-7 trying to take advantage of Ethiopian victims in Saudi Arabia
The greedy hyenas are a lousy hunters but they are an excellent scavengers. Ginbot-7 and Semaywi party are just like that.

Ginbot-7 and it’s legal wing Semayawi party don’t have a clear purpose or a just cause they are fighting for. The riffraff’s of the Hailesilasie and Derg regimes only goal is to grab power by any means necessary.

Their thirst for power is so great, there is no moral, religious, cultural and notional integrity boundaries they would not cross or demolish to climb to the saddle of power. These power hungry scavengers will stop at nothing including working with the arch enemies of Ethiopia to get to power.

Inciting violence against one ethnic group by another is one of their bloody weapons they have tried in 2005. They are still preaching hate against a certain Ethiopian ethnic groups through their Egyptian financed EAST TV.

In the past they have tried to latch on to any explosive Ethiopian issues that they thought would create uproar in the Ethiopian public.  Some of the lies and cheap tricks they have tried and failed are:

  • Woyane helped Eritrea to become independent now Ethiopia is left without ports.
  • Meles insulted our flag.
  • Woyane hates Amhara people.
  • Woyane is spreading Islam that is why there are so many mosques are being built.
  • Woyane is giving away Ethiopian land to Arabs.
  • Woyane is removing Amhara farmers from their land.
  • Woyane hates Muslims “Dimtsachin Yisema”
  • Woyane hates Orthodox Christains that is why they are building sugar factory in Waldba Tigrai.
  • Woyane is building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to stop banana revolution.
  • Woyane is working with the Saudi Arabia to kill and torture Ethiopians.

All those issues would stir strong emotions in any red blooded Ethiopian who cares about his or her people. Ginbot-7 and all the terrorist groups are trying to manipulate the Ethiopian people’s love for their country. Their dream is to create a huge wave of public uprising and ride it to the Menilk Palace.

The recent tragic events in Saudi Arabia in the past few weeks have been heart breaking and blood boiling for most of the Ethiopian people inside and outside the country. For the shameless blood suckers it is another opportunity to manipulate public anger to their advantage. So, they did what they do best, wrapping themselves in the old Ethiopian flag screaming from the top their langs. Mind you they are not screaming at the despicable and barbaric Wahabists in Saudi Arabia who are killing, raping, robbing and humiliating our Ethiopian brothers and sisters. They were screaming against the Ethiopian government.

The problem is not why they criticize the Ethiopian government, the problem is the time and the place they did it. At a situation like this all Ethiopians despite their political affiliation, should come out in the thousands to show support for their fellow country men. We should have blocked the Saudi Arabian embassies and tell them to stop the violence against Ethiopians in one voice.

Ginbot-7 hijacked the demonstrations against the Saudis and turned the good will of Ethiopians worldwide in to a political rally. They did this because they don’t care about the Ethiopians suffering in Saudi Arabia. They did it because they are financed by the Egyptians and the Egyptians are financed by the Saudis. They did it because they want to score some cheap political points.

The Semayawi party in Addis Ababa is doing the same exact thing like its evil twin Ginbot-7 in the Diaspora. The small demonstration they organized in Addis was not out of a genuine care for our people.  It was to stab the EPRDF government in the back when they thought it was venerable.

It should be noted that the Ethiopian government actions seemed very hesitant to tell the Ethiopian people and the world what was going to our citizens in Saudi Arabia. We think the dissemination of the news could have been handled differently.

The safety and security of our people should come before political interest or international deplomacy.