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Prosperity Party Characterizes Oromo Nationalists as worse than the Corona Virus Pandemic deserving annihilation

By Makonnen Tesfaye
Tigrai Online March 24, 2020

Abiy Ahmed taye dendea

1. Repression and Exposing People in Oromia to COVID-19 Pandemic is Genocidal, Stupid !


1. The level of the politics of the Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP) has further descended to barbaric and macabre level when a member of its Executive Committee, Taye Dendea, characterised the Oromo Liberation Front (which the Government think is the same as the armed-wing OLA) as “worse than the Corona Virus Pandemic”, advocating the continuation of the barbaric campaign of repression in Western and Southern Oromia, including the deliberate blockage of all telecom and Internet services. This is when the dissemination of vital health information through all mediums is a critical factor in combating the spread of the Corona Virus Pandemic (Refer to Aigaforum 3.21.2020:  http://aigaforum.com/article2020/fight-against-covid19-and-ethiopia-cutting-internet-in-oromia.htm). The history of modern politics tells us that the uses of expletives, such as “Vermin”, are political categories that fascists and nazists use to describe oppressed nationalities and minority groups.  The Oromo Liberation Front is the principal and vanguard political organisation of the Oromo people in their struggle for self-determination and democracy over half a Century. It is to be recalled Taye Dendea’s assertion that Menelik’s genocidal suppression of the Oromos was a political myth fabricated by Oromo nationalists, giving false credence to the Neo-Neftegna political narrative of historical revisionism.


2. Taye Dendea’s statement is in line with the Government’s policy of the complete liquidation of nationalist aspirations in Oromia and its intention and determination to continue the brutal campaign of suppression. Taye Dendea thinks that Oromo nationalists are worse than the Corona Virus Pandemic (currently the principal global threat occupying the minds of billions of people in the world), deserving complete annihilation. It vividly reflects EPP’s policy on Oromia. The political message and war-mongering is clear. It is an all-out war in Oromia.

3. Never failing to surprise, Ermias Legese of Ethio360  could not agree more with Taye Dendea’s  fascistic statement,  fully agreeing with the genocidal  thought and practice of the EPP in Oromia (Ethio360 YouTube: 3.23.2020:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG3TYr4Ev9E). Ethio360 is a Neo-Neftegna outfit and an off-spring of ESAT, which declared genocide on Tigrayans).  It is also to be recalled that Ermias Legese and Ethio360 recently characterised and condemned the 20 plus millions Oromo youth, Qeerroos, as “terrorists”. The Oromo Qeerroos played the leading role in bringing down the politically and ideologically decayed EPRDF, which has been usurped by the right-wing and chauvinist faction of the former EPRDF, now emerging as a completely comprador  party in the form of the Prosperity Party; and illegally taking-over state power.

4. The upshot is that the level of venomous hatred expressed by Colonel Abiy’s dictatorial regime against the Opposition Parties (e.g. his recent diatribe in Bale against the Tigrayans and the TPLF); and the magnitude of their repression of nationalities (e.g. Oromia), in cahoots with the Neo-Neftegnas, is such that only the united fronts of democratic federalists can safeguard peace, self-determination and democracy in the Country.