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Abiy Ahmed becomes an embarrassment and problematic to the Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee

Tigrai Online Dec. 5, 2019

Abiy Ahmed becomes problematic to the Nobel Institute

Abiy Ahmed becomes problematic to the Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee refusing to attend any events. Image is for illustration purposes only.


According to an article published today December 5, 2019 by Norwegian website “news in English no”, the criminal so called Ethiopian prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has refused to attend events that would bring him face to face with the international press and Norwegian children to be asked some question as it is customary.

According to the published article Abiy Ahmed has completely refused to attend any events where he has to answer any questions and the Nobel Committee is completely at a loss because this is not what they expected from Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2019. The article said,

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is grappling with some awkward challenges just days before the man they selected to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize arrives in Oslo. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has made it clear he won’t attend any event where he could publicly be asked questions, either by the press or even children, and the committee finds that “highly problematic


We know Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for reversing Ethiopia’s political, social, and economic progress and bringing Ethiopia to the verge of collapse. The international community knows this and Abiy Ahmed knows it. The reason he is totally refusing to attend any public event except to make a short statement is because he can’t face the international press and risk to be asked about the political crisis in Ethiopia and the unimaginable calamities by the Ethiopian people.

“The Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee wishes Abiy Ahmed had said ‘yes’ to meeting Norwegian and international press,” Olav Njølstad, director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute and secretary for the committee that annually awards the Peace Prize, told Norwegian Broadasting (NRK).

“We have been very clear about this and have clarified that there are several reasons we find this (Abiy’s refusal to go along with the Nobel Institute’s program) highly problematic,” Njølstad said.

Abiy Ahmed is not only a criminal that is responsible for the displacement of millions of Ethiopians, killings of thousands of Ethiopians under his watch, and now dissolving the ruling EPRDF party and leaving the country without a government, but he is also an embarrassment for all Ethiopians and Africans.

Recently the UN accused Abiy Ahmed for interfering with the political and military affairs of Ethiopian neighbors especially for fanning fighting and ” fuelling fires of instability in Somalia”.

If you would like to read the article from The Nobel Institute and the Nobel Committee, please visit this website, Peace Prize winner avoids questions

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