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Response to “THE GOD THAT WEPT” by Tecola Hagos – a call for him to apologize to the Tigray people!

By M. Gettaw
Tigrai Online, March. 8, 2019

It is very sad that a man trained by prestigious institutions ends up being hare-brained in his last years of life. This recent article which is not much different from his earlier posts in style as well as content again points fingers at Meles Zenawi (RIP) and Tigray for the current ills of the nation. This accusation is beyond outrageous. Tecola, your obsession with the spirit of the late PM Meles Zenawi tells me that I was correct in my earlier response to your article. PMMZ must have wounded your poor soul deep in inside your bone in the one or two years of incompetent service with the transitional government of Ethiopia.

I lost all my respect towards you with all the flip-flopping in the last 9-10 months from praising team Lemma as the savior of the nation to your recent post of the God that wept. Many of us have been clear from day one how your savior team Lemma is corrupt and dangerous. They only had nice sounding phrases - nothing practical that can help the nation. You fell for the phrases like ‘Ethiopiawnet is sus’ or whatever the cheater-in-chief Abiy said in his inaugural speech. It was very clear that these guys are shrewd who conspired against the heroes and heroines who mentored and entrusted them with power. You couldn’t see this because your mind and heart has been clouded by your hate towards PMMZ. I am dumbfounded by your comparison of con artists like Eskinder Nega with PMMZ for anything that has to do with doing good for Ethiopia. You can’t be more lunatic than this. Sorry for my harsh words but I feel that you truly deserve it.


Please apologize to the honorable Dr. Debretsion (who is representing the Tigray people and their government) and the brave people of Tigray for your cowardly statement below. Otherwise, you will also be treated like the other enemies of Tigray who have been conspiring to make us live in fear and to annihilate us if they can.

“I call upon Debretsion Gebre Michael to stop his saber rattling at Amhara Kilil and the Amhara People at large. I urge all TPLF Leaders to admit their monumental errors in attacking the Amhara people and for incubating and promoting the divisive Meles Zenawi who had harmed Tigrai Kilil even more so as he had harmed Ethiopians everywhere.  The order and peace one can find in Tigrai kilil then and now is like the peace one finds in a graveyard among the dead and buried. The Leadership of the TPLF has harmed Tigrai and Tigrians more than any harmful steps against Tigrians by other Kilils and the citizens of any such Kilils.  “.


For your reference here is the article by here is the article by Professor Tekola Hagos THE GOD THAT WEPT

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