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The illegal Prosperity party (PP) has no room in Tigray-Ethiopia; must go

By Amlest Tesfay
Tigrai Online Jan. 1, 2020

Tigrai people national conference concludes, Tigrai people rejected Prosperity Party

The one week old illegitimate and fake Prosperity party has become a burden and danger for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.


Except in Tigray, Ethiopia does not have a legitimate leader and a legitimate government at this time. As an adulterous woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to an unwanted child. The political prostitution of EPRDF has given birth to the unhealthy and unwanted Prosperity party (PP).

Over 10 million people in Tigray through their representatives have expressed that TPLF is not only in their hearts and minds but also in their blood. Tigray unanimously supported the TPLF’s causes. Tigray has spoken clearly and loudly in support of the TPLF and condemned the illegal Prosperity Party (PP)

Tigray people have warned Prosperity Party not to take TPLF for granted. TPLF is the priceless asset of Tigray. As the illegal Prosperity Party is the sole property of Abiy Ahmed, TPLF is the precious sole property of the people of Tigray. Anyone who respects TPLF respects Tigray people and values. Anyone who does not respect TPLF has no place in Tigray.

Like the prosperity party, TPLF is not founded by the fabrication of BLACK LIES and empty Rhetoric but by the priceless blood of the people of Tigray. Tigrayans never underestimate the price they paid for their freedom, justice, self-rule and democracy.

TPLF is a world class political organization that adhere a civilized political culture in Ethiopia. Tigray supported the TPLF leaders’ decision of not blending themselves with the illegal PP. Tigray warned the TPLF leaders not to be adulterated and debase TPLF by intermingling with the illegal PP.


The one week old illegitimate Prosperity party has become a burden for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Ethiopia did not carry out any election a week ago. Therefore, according to the Ethiopian law, the one week old Prosperity party cannot be a legitimate ruling party in Ethiopia.

Ethiopians do not recognize PP as a legal government but a group of individuals who violate the Ethiopian constitutional order. Ethiopia deserves an elected legitimate leader and government at this critical time. There are many legal political parties in Ethiopia and very competent leaders form each party as well.

Unelected illegal team cannot claim power through illegal means. One person cannot cheat Ethiopians and become a chairman of two diametrically different parties, the EPRDF and the PP. Abiy Ahmed cannot be a chairman of the federalist EPRDF and the unitary PP at the same time. If EPRDF does not exist anymore, then the chairman of the EPRDF does not exist as well. He must go back home.

PP has made Ethiopia to become a failed state. PP is an unlawful party and is working in favor of the criminals against the Ethiopians. PP has nominated and elected themselves illegally without any election.

The Ethiopian Electoral board is stolen by Aby Ahmed and the genocide criminals of the Ginbot-7. There will be high likelihood of election frauds in Addis Ababa, Oromia and Amara regions. The election frauds may precipitate controversy and continued instability in Ethiopia.

I have great respect for Birtukan Mideksa as she is an honest person. She could have been a better candidate for EZEMA than the born liar criminal G-7 man who is wanted for his genocide crimes in Ethiopia. The Electoral commission members are not neutral. Birtukam Mideksa was a member of an Ethiopian opposition party. If Birtukan Mideksa became an electoral board member or chairman, then the electoral board becomes a property of Ginbot-7.

Birtukan Mideksa is (was) a politician. The world knows she was working as one of the leaders of the Ethiopian coalition opposition party. She cannot be neutral. As a politician, she has her own political party preference. The world knows which party Birtukan Mideksa supports and opposes. One can argue with hundred percent confidence the electoral board is not independent. Therefore, Ethiopians are clearly and loudly saying PP is illegal and must be forced to go today not tomorrow.

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