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The Ethiopian flag should not be dishonored by hooligans for any reason

Tigrai Online, Oct. 5, 2014

This is the current EPRDF version of Ethiopian flag
This is the current Ethiopian official flag

The Ethiopian flag is one of the oldest flags in the world. Over the many hundreds of years thousands of Ethiopians gave their lives to protect what the flag stand for. Due to the long and unconquered history of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian flag is one of the most revered in the world. Many African countries copied the Ethiopian flag and adopted some version of it as their national flag because it seen as a symbol of freedom, bravery and independence.

The Ethiopian flag changed a little bit from the time of the Axumite kingdom. According to historians it used to be green and white. At some point the white was replaced with yellow and the read was added.

Since the introduction of the tricolor green, yellow and red the flag remained the same. When a new government came to power, the new administration will try to put their own emblem in the middle of the flag to assert their power or to signal they are following a certain ideology.

This is the Imperial version of Ethiopian flag
Imperial version of Ethiopian flag showing an image of a lion in the center.

The Imperial government of Ethiopia stuck an image of a lion in the middle of the flag. When the fascist Derg government came to power they removed the lion and put their own emblem. Following the tradition of putting your logo, when the EPRDF came to power they put they replaced the Derg logo with their own emblem. EPRDF didn’t change the primary colors of green, yellow and red or any composition of the flag, but the riff raffs of the Derg and the Imperial sympathizers make it sound like the sky is falling. They hide the fact virtually every new government in modern Ethiopian history did exactly that, they put their own logo in the center of the Ethiopian flag.

This is the Derg version of Ethiopian flag
One of the Derg versions of Ethiopian flag showing an emblem of the Derg in the center.

The Ethiopian flag no matter which government put their own emblem on it, it is still Ethiopian flag and it should be respected by all Ethiopians despite their political stand. These days that is not what we see. There new breed of Ethiopians roaming this earth and their not the kind of Ethiopians you will be proud of. These Ethiopians are fake patriots and for all practical purposes their foreign mercenaries. They are paid by enemies of Ethiopia to destabilize and disintegrate the country.

Last week those slaves of Ethiopian arch anomies and their Eritrean supporters got in to the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC. They were shouting and screaming at the embassy staff, but that wasn’t enough for them. They took down the Ethiopian flag and stomped on it like it a piece of trash. Remember this flag originated in the heart of Ethiopian civilization Axum. Since then so many people sacrificed their lives to the nation and it’s flag, then why would those hooligans disrespect the official flag of Ethiopia?

Ginbot7 hooligans stomping the Ethiopian flag

On the left you see Ginbot-7 hooligans stomping the flag and on the right Al-Shabab terrorists burning the Ethiopian flag both of them supported by the same enemy.

The Ethiopian government said those hooligans were sent by the Eritrean government to create all that drama. Some people are saying the Shaebiya government was so angry about President Obama's favorable comments when he met the Ethiopian Prime Minister last month in New York. 

Isn’t it time for the majority Ethiopians to say enough is enough and tell these foreign mercenaries to stop destroying anything that is Ethiopian?

It is about time for all of us Ethiopians to make a stop to this madness.


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