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REST facilitates General Assembly, Board Meetings

By Gebrehaweria Berhane - REST PR
Tigrai Onlne - April 03, 2014

The Relief Society of Tigray (REST) has been facilitated both the general assembly and board yearly meetings in the organization’s head quarter office, Mekelle. The general assembly, REST’s highest body and the board together enabled to evaluate all REST achievement performances in reference to the fiscal year of 2013 and ratified REST’s budget for 2014 fiscal year.

Participants of the REST general assembly in a partial view
Participants of the REST general assembly in a partial view

The general assembly, which is responsible to calculate all works of REST, is encompass of REST beneficiary farmers from five rural weredas, government and private offices. The five weredas are (Kilte-Awlaelo, Degua-Tembien, Samre-Seharti, Hintalo-Wejerat and Raya-Azebo) were represented individually by 10 model farmers.

REST board chair man, H.E Ato Abay Weldu president of the regional government of Tigray said “REST is expected to do more in development works as it has been done in past years parallel to the relief assistances.” He added that, “in the former years, REST formed different farmers and youths based cooperatives in the rural areas. Now these cooperatives have good income and scaled up their model practices into other peasants and development activities.” Regarding to the market link of these cooperatives, the board chair man forwarded the following two solutions. One would be strengthen the cooperatives themselves to help each other. Second, develop agro-processing centers in areas of honey production, milk and milk products, poultry production etc and then create market link with private institutions.

Mr. Abay Weldu and Mr. Teklewoini Assefa chairing the general assembly
Mr. Abay Weldu and Mr. Teklewoini Assefa chairing the general assembly

In the congress a variety of questions were asked and answered by the responsible bodies. Among these relevant project implementation queries, how REST implement its plan out of hundred percent was center of the assembly discussion.

Ato Teklewoini Assefa, the Executive Director of REST answered the question as “we, the REST people achieved our plan 100%. If we did not achieve our plan 100%, we could not get funds. All our projects are donor based, so that this demanded us 100% achievement. Our potential donors evaluated us quarterly to see our project statuses. That is why we performed some times more than our fiscal year plans in order to get another fund.”

More than anything else the commitment of REST staff, the determination of REST management and the arena of the agreement what REST has been developed are the main factors to achieve the project plan 100% and sometimes above.

On behalf of the general assembly, the board, the management and the whole staff, the external audit report CONGRATULTED REST for its accountable financial systems and other audit related cases.

In the general assembly, representatives from government officials, REST management and staff members, DECSI management and workers and model farmers, totally more than 110 individuals were participants of the general assembly.


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