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Thanks Save The Children, Tigrai Field Office

By G/tsadkan Kebede
Tigrai Onlne - December 18, 2013

Save The Children is an International Non Governmental Charity Organization which involves in Humanitarian Practices mainly with the children and maternal cases. Save the children, the Tigrai Field Office believed that there is no development without education and education is the fundamental key for the development of every nation. To achieve the Millennium Development Goals, save the children, Tigrai Field Office is working in collaboration with the communities and local administrations.

Having all these in mind, Save the Children Tigrai Field Office engaged in the Region in multi dimensional activities commonly in a health, education and modern agricultural practices. This development charity built a modern designed school at Mai-Da’ero in collaboration with the community and local administration, recently. MaiDa;ro is found in Kilte Awlaelo, in the Eastern Zone, in the National Regional State Of Tigrai. The School which is built plays a significant role in assuring in the region. Each class room consists of mini library and reserved areas for indoor games which help to create a conducive class room atmosphere.

The new school built by Save the Children Tigrai Field Office is able to alleviate the problems of the community as their children were suffering from extreme sunny, windy and hazard insects. This new school will play a significant role in ensuring the quality of education as it a modern standardized attractive and facilitated and contributes remarkable inputs to ensure the quality of education in the country.

The learners and the communities expressed their warm hearted appreciations to the development Organization that enhanced them such a modern standard school as they were sitting in mud bricks and stones in shed class rooms.

The coordinator of Save the Children Tigrai Field Office, Abadi Hagos in his part, addressed that the development Organization is ready to contribute its maximum efforts to alleviate social problems in collaboration with the communities and local administration in the region at large in the country in health, education, water supply and modern agricultural practices. 

I proud of the contribution of Save the Children Tigrai Field Office of its immense supporting to alleviate social problems of the community in the region in sustaining improvement of the quality of education and other development activities. Especially it becomes the ice breaker in building modern standard school in the region. The design and commitment of Save the Children Tigari Field Office is the role model for other charity organizations and the government itself in construction schools.

Finally, development Organizations, communities and local administrations should work in harmony to ensure sustainable development in the country.

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