If there is no nations and nationalities there is no Ethiopia to govern
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If there is no nations and nationalities there is no Ethiopia to govern

Tigrai Online, Oct. 29, 2017

If there is no nations and nationalities there is no Ethiopia to govern PFDJ agents used the above photo from the Rwandan tragedy in 1994 to spread poison against Ethiopians



The current Ethiopian political situation is sending the wrong message to most peace loving Ethiopians and the international community at large.  After the Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi the EPRDF the ruling party in Ethiopia seems a little disoriented on some key policies regarding who is in charge of the country.

Since 2013, year after year the EPRDF government has been retreating one step at a time towards Addis Ababa leaving the regional states to local officials. In some ways it shows the people are benefiting from the federal system, but this action has been misused in many parts of the country to the point it is starting to shake not only the constitutional order, but the foundation of the country.

The federal government is being pushed out from some regional states as if it has no business in the first place. It is not only federal entities or institutions kicked out of regional states, civilian people are falling victims to this misguided approach in some states because they belong to the wrong ethnic group. We have seen this last year in Amhara regional state where people with Tigrai origin were targeted by armed mobs.

The EPRDF government didn’t address what happen to Tigraians in Amhara state last year. In fact the federal government, the Amhara regional state, and the Tigrai regional state tried to hide the crime.  That decision to hide instead of dealing with problem head-on in a clear and transparent many opened the flood gates of hell in 2017. We all know what happened in the border of the Somali and Oromia regional states last month. What transpired in that part of Ethiopia this year is a direct result of EPRDF’s indecision last year. The silence by all levels of government last year sent the wrong message to those who want to disintegrate Ethiopia. This month the green light from last year is used to do more harm to many northern Ethiopians in Oromia region. Social media is filled with reports some Amhara and Tigraian civilians have been hurt in the Oromo region. OLF and Ginbot-7 members are almost freely roaming in south western Ethiopia near the border with Kenya intimidating innocent people from Tigrai. In some instances Tigraian university students and business people are being arrested believe or not for being members of OLF.


Members of OLF and Ginbot-7 are wearing Oromia region police uniforms committing crimes against unarmed civilians while the federal government in Addis Ababa is doing absolutely nothing to protect them. At least the authorities from the Amhara regional state are trying to protect their people in Oromia. What has the Tigrai regional state government did so fare to protect Tigraians in Oromia?

Those who are behind the whole destructive move in Ethiopia will soon regret their decision because the same floods they are guiding will turn into tsunami and break regions in to pieces then they have themselves to blame.

We have a strong message to those who say, if we don’t govern Ethiopia we will not let anybody else govern it. If the country breaks to pieces there won’t be Ethiopia for you to govern. “If there is no other numbers what is the point of becoming number one”.

What is the federal government waiting for? It is about time to take control of the country and make the tough decisions in order to keep the country united.

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