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Who are the real killers of the Generals, Simegnew Bekelle, the EPRDF and Ethiopia in general?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Nov. 14, 2019

Who kileed General Seare Mekonnen, General Gezae Abera and Engineer Simegnew Bekelle

Who ordered the assasination of General Seare Mekonnen, General Gezae Abera and Engineer Simegnew Bekelle?/em>


Who really immersed Ethiopia into the political and economic mess by violating the Ethiopian constitutional order? Who are the real Culprits behind all the crimes committed at night and on a broad day lights? Who Killed EPRDF party systematically behind the Curtains? Did EPRDF also killed itself like Simegnew Bekelle?

According to the article published on Tigrai Online on July 17, 2019, titled: (Is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed really a reformer or a deformer in Ethiopia) I asked the following question along with its explanations: Do we expect a reliable and valid investigation of the crimes committed?

Most Ethiopians believe the suspected government officials are still in their position of power. Therefore, directly or indirectly they will be part of thae investigation. They will directly or indirectly influence the outcome of the investigation towards their own agendas.

Therefore, I will trust an independent investigation that incorporates the experienced and highly skilled members of the active/inactive EPRDF elites. I do not believe other falsely made up dramas that are narrated by the government media outlets that are fully controlled by the irresponsible individuals.

What the Ethiopian people demand from the investigation is not just to go after the dog that has bitten General Seare and Gezae; but after the ringleaders within the security apparatus, the military and all the masters of the dog who trained, assigned and gave orders to bite the two hero generals. 


As I have mentioned above, today on 11/13/2019 the new drama has been narrated by the Attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye on the Ethiopian media outlets. But, the Clip of the drama was already narrated by Abiy Ahmed on the same day when the Generals were murdered. Why the Attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye delayed over six months to tell the same story about the murder of the generals?

If the investigation of the murder of the generals was so complicated, Why Abiy Ahmed finished the investigation within minutes or hours and informed the world immediately about the killers? 

Attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye, you know Abiy had already told us that Asamnew Tsige was the culprit. Why Abiy took him just minutes to figure out all the investigations and it took you over half a year to tell the same story?  

Why did you include General Berhanu Jula as a character in the drama? If it was a coup attempt, why Abiy Ahmed and Demeke Mekonnen were not included in the Drama? Demeke Mekonnen had admitted that Asamnew Tsige and he had no difference in their plan of actions. What does that imply?

  1. Why you do not tell Ethiopians where, when and by whom the assassin was trained?
  2. Who assigned the assassin to be a guard of the general?
  3. Why did you switch the assassin with another guard few days before the assassination took place?
  4. Who ordered the switch between the guards?

Why the investigation of the generals was not seen in a Military court while the victims and the killer are both Militaries? Why did you refused for an independent investigation for the generals’ murder case, while you called CIA for an investigation of Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s case of a murder attempt last year?

  1. Who ordered Engineer Simegnew Bekelle’s guards to be removed before he was murdered?
  2. Similarly, Jawar’s guards were to be removed systematically at mid-night without Jawar’s knowledge, why?
  3. Why the same cycles of crimes are committed even after Asamnew Tsige’s death then?

Lastly, the investigators themselves will be investigated soon. There is time for everything.

Congratulations to Gedu Andargachew and The Sidama people for their success


Congratulations to Gedu Andargachew and The Sidama people for their success

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