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State sponsored fake documentary drama coming soon from Eritrea

Tigrai Online, Jan. 1, 2019

The attempt on General Sebhat Ephrem’s life
The fake documentary regarding the attempt on General Sebhat Ephrem’s life is yet another tragic drama Abiy Ahmed is involved in this year..

We surprisingly have followed the Ethiopian government sponsored media documentary drama against Tigraians recently. Now second and similar documentary drama is on its way from Eritrea.

President Isaias Afwerki, the most known brutal dictator of his own people is organizing a documentary document focusing on the circumstances of the assassination attempt of General Sebhat Ephrem on or around December 19, 2018.

General Sebhat Ephrem served as a defense minister of Eritrea and currently he is serving as a minister of mining. He is one of the few senior fromer tegadelti EPLF fighters who are out of prison and serving the Eritrean regime.

Eritreans have been crying for years because of the wanton killings, disappearances, injustice and cruel imprisonments.


One of the assailants of General Sebhat Ephrem is named Tedros and this Tedros is a known hit man of   President Isaias Afwerki. According to reliable sources the same hit man is responsible the the state sponsored assassination attempt. The sauces indicated son of Sebhat Ephrem had witnessed the unbelievable crime taking place.

General Sebhat Ephrem’s sister who lives abroad has requested to take him abroad for better treatment when her brother’s situation became so critical however, her request was denied this right by the Isaias regime.

Isaias Afwerki is trying to shift the blame of the failed assassination of his own minister to others by creating a fake documentary and arresting an innocent Eritrean to push an agenda. Now the Isaias Afwerki regime has completed a fake documentary drama and will bring this poor Eritrean man who has served in Eritrean military. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is in Asmara to help inaugurate the fake documentary. The innocent man is known by Wedi Areza which is nick name. Wedi Areza has returned to Eritrea after visiting his family in Tigray. Our sources told us this Eritrean person known by his nick name only has been taken to prison and the documentary will revolve around him while the real assassin is free to do his job possibly on other Eritreans. Stay tuned for the fakementary drama.


The Eritrean ambassador to Japan, Estifanos Afeworki who is acting as the unofficial spokesperson of Eritrea tweeted; “I just talked on the phone with General Sibhat: good progress and we’re able to exchange good old memories #Eritrea” on December 28, 2018. There is another line of story going around relating to the attempt on General Sebhat Ephrem’s life, but the PFJD regime is notoriously known for spinning multiple rumors around an event in order to confuse the public.


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