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Aurora Police Arrested a Habesha woman for drug distribution

Tigrai Onlne - March 22, 2014

Aurora Police Arrested Seble Gebreegziabiher for drug  distribution
Aurora Police Arrested Seble Gebreegziabiher for drug distribution. She was cuoght with several hundred packets of suspected the drug called spice

AURORA, Colorado - Police in Aurora have arrested two people suspected of distributing large quantities of spice. Investigators also seized an estimated 12,000 packets of the drug.

The Aurora Police Narcotics Sections began the investigation on Wednesday where they observed a man and woman meet and engage in a suspected drug transaction.

The woman, Seble Gebreegziadhair, was arrested for her role in the drug transaction. When she was arrested officers recovered several hundred packets of suspected spice. Shortly after Gebreegziadhair was arrested officers arrested the man observed in the drug transaction, Dowinder Boparai.

Source: CBC4 - http://denver.cbslocal.com/2014/03/21/aurora-police-arrest-2-suspects-in-spice-investigation/


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