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His Excellency Senator James M. Inhofe, Rounds Statement on H.Res. 128

Tigrai Online, April 11, 2018

His Excellencies Senator James M. Inhofe supports Ethiopia Excellencies Senator James M. Inhofe, and Mike Rounds Statement on H.Res. 128 supporting Ethiopia


U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe and Sen. Mike Rounds made the following statement after H.Res. 128, an outdated resolution from the House of Representatives that condemned the democratically elected government in Ethiopia, was passed by voice vote:

“We have been to Ethiopia many times and seen firsthand the progress they have made—coming out of communism to democracy. This inaccurate resolution is an insult to the country, the people of Ethiopia and to the newly sworn-in Prime Minister. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was especially selected by Ethiopians for his commitment to democracy and good governance.


“Prime Minster Abiy deserves a chance to prove himself and his commitment to democracy to the United States and the international community before enduring such a rude, inaccurate resolution. It is a shame that the House of Representatives would pass a resolution that sharply condemns the Ethiopian government at just the moment it needs support to enact needed reforms. We are especially disappointed that this passed by voice vote so no one Congressman would have the stigma of voting for this condescending resolution.  


“As a strategic partner to the United States, particularly in terms of security cooperation in the region, Ethiopia deserved better today. We are disappointed in the House of Representative’s vote and want you to know that this resolution is not binding and has no force of law. We will continue to support you as the vital, vibrant partner for democracy that you are.”

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