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Ethiopia should remove the Eritrean regime from power

No War No Peace is not working Ethiopia needs a new policy towards Eritrea

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 14, 2015


The No War No Peace policy adopted by Ethiopia after the end of the Badme war was effective on crippling the Eritrean regime. No War No Peace policy is responsible for the collapse of the Eritrean mafia regime’s economy, military and socially, however the leaders of the African North Korea are adopting new tactics to survive and they are starting to take counter measures against Ethiopia. The recent development of Arabs establishing military base in Assab and Shabiya’s direct involvement in the recent demonstrations and public unrest are some of the examples.  

The Ethiopian people’s concern about how the Eritrean terrorist networks are working in unison to destabilize Ethiopia is summarized in the following comment by one of our website’s regular commentator, Erita.

The Oromo Libration Front - OLF started  its incursion from Kenya a week ago, some terrorist groups from Ginbot-7 infiltrated northern Ethiopia from Eritrea, Oromo students were organized by Shabia using Oromo national congress and OLF sympathizers, and the Anwar mosque in Addis has been attacked by grenade. All this events above took place in a period of one week.

The terrorist actions against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people were not feeding to one another by sheer coincidence, rather they all happened in one span of time suggesting Shabia being behind these incidents. Shabia decided a long time ago to go out and attack Ethiopia in all out tactics to thin out Ethiopia's military and security apparatus.

 Eritrea has a dedicated TV station the Eritrean Satellite Television, dedicated websites dozens of them with Ethiopian names, a dedicated military wing which has Ethiopian face, Ginbot-7, Eritrea now has a political wing inside Ethiopia to do Eritrea's dirty job. The party Eritrea relying on is led by Merara Gudina who has been trained in Egypt and still has a good connection with the Egyptian government. The group led by Merara has been defeated in an election and the leader has been suspended from his teaching post due to his political involvement to radicalizing student; therefore Eritrea found the perfect fit for their agenda using Merara Gudiana.

Eritrea has a budget set aside for this purpose, for destroying Ethiopia. However the EPRDF government is on coma hoping its no war no peace policy will do the trick to remove Shabia. Think again.

Eritrea has a plan and its plan is to weaken and destroy Ethiopia without letting it go for a second before Eritrea achieved that goal. The planning, the amount of money Eritrea is spending, and the dedication the Eritrean government puts on this issues is an indication that Eritrea is ready to go all the way to destroy Ethiopia at any cost.

Ethiopia has a sworn enemy which the EPRDF does not see it that way and it is become very dangerous for Ethiopia.

Ethiopian people's time has come to march to Asmara without our leaders to remove a cancer in Eritrea.

We may not agree with the idea of the Ethiopian people marching to Asmara without the leaders, but we totally understand the frustration of the public about the EPRDF government’s linienancey towards Eritrea.

Ethiopia has to design a brand new policy that would work with the new reality in 2015.

The new Ethiopian policy should be to force the Eritrean regime in to defensive position. Ethiopia has to take bitter but necessary actions to successfully destroy the Eritrean terrorist networks.

Whenever any group or individual enters Ethiopia through the Eritrean boarder with intent of carrying out terrorist action, immediately take military action on selected military, economic, and headquarters. The military attack has to be lightening fast, deep in the heart of the country, and it has to be devastatingly effective so the Eritrean regime will think twice next time.

Make the Arab military personnel in the bases in Assab and other parts are worried for their safety.

Move sizable additional military personnel and hardware to the border especially the key points like Zalambessa, Badme, Rama, and Humera.

Make the Ethiopian Air force regularly cross the Eritrean air space and monitor any activity. If it is necessary declare a no fly zone in the entire Eritrean air space.

Limit the movement of Eritrean refugees and opposition groups in Ethiopia. Take legal action against any Ethiopian group, individual or party that based in Ethiopia who will connect in any shape of form with the Eritrean government and its vast networks abroad.

Maintain the main components of the No War No Peace policy by integrating them to the new one.


These ideas are our recommendations to curb and ultimately stop the Eritrean regime from taking any action against the Ethiopian people. Obviously there are many more policy ideas that could be discussed, but our point is something has to be done and it has to be done now.

TOL has published numerous articles by many writers regarding this issue to alert the Ethiopian authorities about the danger of Eritrean regime towards Ethiopia’s unity and territorial integrity.  We think time is running out to neutralize Shabiya and cut off all its terrorist tentacles throughout Ethiopia before it is too late.

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