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Who is Shabiya’s Errand ?

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Onlne - August 10, 2014

Ginbot 7 is effectively over and done with according to Andargachew. The deputy leader explicitly stated on ETV that it would be hard to  find someone who would replace him and that the organisation he single handily led for so long is coming to a humiliating conclusion. Surely this bolt from the blue must have been a devastating blow to the clown Tamagne and the pseudo journalist Abebe who have been busy canvassing for the vacant post.

Who is Shabiya’s Errand ?
Ginbot 7 is effectively over and done with according to Andargachew. The deputy leader explicitly stated on ETV that it would be hard to find someone who would replace him

Very soon the ruthless dictator may cease to deposit dollars into their accounts and it is difficult to envisage how the free-loaders would manage without the aid of their master. They had it so easy for too long, and the minute the blood stained pocket money dries-out, the work-shy duet would be left with no alternative but revert to the American welfare system for their survival.     

Tamagne’s analysis of the TPLF on ESAT clearly indicated the level to which he is prepared to descend in order undermine the awesome liberation organisation that has played a pivotal part in the revitalisation of Ethiopia. The tyrant’s poodle waffled at length to illustrate how Woyane was subservient to the now deceased Shabiya for the duration of the liberation struggle. Referring to history would aptly indicate that this wasn’t the reality but what can be stated with absolute certainty is that the TPLF saved Shabiya from total annihilation when the Derg dispatched 120,000 troops during the 1982 ‘’Red Star Campaign.’’

Without this decisive intervention, the Eritrean front would have been overwhelmed creating the opportunity for the junta to move against the TPLF to unleash its massive military might. It is highly probable that the liberation struggle that lasted seventeen years would have taken longer than it did. From a strategic view point, the TPLF’s decision to voluntarily co-operate with Shabiya in Sahel was prudent as the intensive battles that lasted for a considerable period not only caused incalculable damages to the enemy’s formidable fire power, but also altered the military balance in favour of the movements. This was the beginning of the end for the Junta. And with the advance of time its huge army was heavily degraded and subsequently defeated in May 1991.  

The despot’s loyal lackey, Tamagene Beyene, further averred that the army generals that were leading the war against Shabiya during Hailesellasie and the Derg were highly educated where as the TPLF’s were only schooled to a 5th grade level. The opportunist illiterate second-rated comedian had the impudence to ridicule the brave fighters who abandoned their education and joined the struggle for justice and democracy while he enjoyed a cosy life from the comfort of his home. And since the emancipation of Ethiopia, the gallant TPLF generals resumed their education whilst performing their duties and managed to obtain their undergraduate degrees and above with flying colours.

The fact of the matter is that the so called educated generals who led the war during the liberation era were humiliatingly beaten by the ‘lowly’ TPLF and Shabiya commanders; and what this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt is that courage, resilience, dogged determination, ingenuity, selflessness, ‘on the job’ acquired military acumens and dedication are immensely important than a piece of paper from a higher institution. Another interesting point that ought to be brought to the attention of Tamagene is that his highly regarded generals fought the EPLF for 30 years and lost, but the TPLF’s ’ 5th graders’ only took two years to substantially destroy Shabiya during the Badme war. Tamagene’s god father has not recovered since then and seasoned followers predict that the tyrant’s days are numbered. The ‘elementary school students’ further showed their military capabilities and leadership competence in the course of their peace keeping assignments in Rwanda, Darfur, South Sudan, Somalia, Liberia, Burundi and Abyei. Clearly the army generals have exemplary track records amassed over many years and the turn-coat’s derogatory comments wouldn’t tarnish their humongous reputations.

TPLF and EPLF had to operate in partnership as their foe possessed a huge army equipped with advanced Russian military hardware. Individually the two movements had by and large similar strengths but were not as heavily armed as the Derg was; therefore, the need for co-operation to face a powerful common enemy was imperative. And as a result of the collaboration, the junta that caused the Ethiopian/Eritrean people tremendous hardship was dismantled in May 1991. Ethiopia is now a democracy and Eritrea on the other hand is governed by a Derg mark II. The dictator is so envious of Ethiopia’s persistent progress; he has hired Tamagene’s G-7 to stifle democracy and socio-economic advancements. Ethiopia is set to continue with its development endeavours as it has become safe and stable by the tremendous efforts of our revered generals.

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