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Abebe Gellaw: I am ashamed that we were born in the same country

By Tesfaye Habisso
Tigrai Online, Jan. 12, 2018


Mr. Gellaw, in academia, we have certain practices that most respectable intellectuals follow.  For example, we proofread our work before we submit it, which you neglected to do. Also, we in the academic world make a point to have valid facts and evidences to support our claims. If that was too much for you to understand, let me break it down for you. Before we speak or write anything, we ensure that our facts support our claim. Opinion pieces are alright and have their place, but to make emphatic demonstratively false statements is an egregious abuse of intellectual ability, which it seems you are lacking. Let’s look at this so-called article and see where you make these hollow cold-war propagandas like which are based on nothing but lies and show just how mentally unstable you are. 

“Yet, contrary to what he preaches around the world, Debretsion sees women as sex accessories and commodities for sale. Digital evidence leaked online and which has been verified and authenticated by digital experts in the course of this investigation reveals a secret life at odds with his public concern for the fate of women and girls.”

In this statement above, you suggest that Debretsion sees women as sex accessories and commodities for sale. I have one question for you, where is your evidence for this accusation? You say that this “digital evidence” was leaked online and has been authenticated by “digital experts”. Who are these “digital experts’? And why won’t you release their names and investigative report? I believe that you may have some “evidence”, and since you won’t release any credible evidence, I am left to believe that you were an eye witness to all these encounters. So, let me ask you, were you there to help Dr. Debretsion pull down his pants, or were you there to hold the “escorts” legs as Dr. Debretsion engaged in sexual intercourse? The way you talk it seems as if you were there and could tell me how these ladies pussy smelled during the event?


These misinformed elementary baseless accusations are not even worthy of a sixth-grade book report, let alone someone with journalistic integrity. So please do me a favor, go back to the place you printed your diploma and tell them you want your money back. Mr. Gellaw, just because you can write in English that does not mean you can critically think about real world events. 4th grade students in America can read and write, but not have yet grasped the depth of controversial issues. It seems like you can go back to the 4th grade because at least they can write grammatically correct sentences. 

“Debretsion, himself the father of two young women, has a long and sordid history of employing prostitutes, escorts and call girls in many cities around the world for over a decade.”

“For decades’? really? Were you the aid who made all the calls and did the arranging, making sure that Dr. Debretsion is well taking care of? Again, where have you been all this time? It must have been so nice traveling with Dr. Debretsion to all those major cities around the world. You must have googled them and just called them facts because here again you don’t have any proof of these cities. You have this picture with him standing with a young woman. Is this woman really an escort? if so prove it. Otherwise, keep your dirty mouth closed with your opinions. I would be so delighted to see some real evidence if you can provide it. I know you cannot because it does not exist.

What appears to be true is your apparent biased against Dr. Debretsion, your jealous is apparent all throughout this article. This article is an example of a gossip/tabloid story trying to pass off as journalism. In America people read tabloids not for facts, but for entertainment. This article is a lousy excuse for entertainment in my opinion with all its grammatical errors and garbage. Frankly, it would have been more entertaining if you would have included some details about the sexual encounters, at least your Washington scumbag admirers would have something to masturbate to.     

The digital evidence shows that He also watches pornographic videos including those promoting sexual activity between humans and animals. Other videos he watches offer clues to his real attitude toward women: “How to attract any woman in minutes,” “How to make a woman cry” and “How to be a monster in bed.”


Now, I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you just made up stories in the above statements, but this is just ridiculous. Your mental stability here is questionable. I don’t know where you got this animal porn idea, but I think you must have a guilty conscience because no other human being in their right mind would make such a nasty wild accusation. I could go through this entire article sentence by sentence, but I have a real job and would find that to be a waste of my time. Although you are not worthy of my suggestions, I will grudgingly offer one piece of advice. Before you make wild salacious accusations against individuals you do not like, make sure that the evidence is not your opinion only. Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one, and nobody likes to look at someone else’s. So, keep your stinky bellybutton opinions to yourself because I am ashamed that we were born in the same country. Don’t you have any shame, you arrogant buffoon? I’m trying to think of a reason why you would write such a trash article.  The only reason I can think of is because you are empty inside and have nothing to validate your existence. You just spend your time writing plainly false articles that all academicians can clearly see to be baseless. I am ashamed that I spent the past 15 minutes reading and responding to this nonsense. I must say that some of my brain cells died while trying to interpret your arguments. May God have mercy on your soul. 


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