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hief Engineer of GERD Engineer Simegnew Bekele was an Ethiopian hero

Chief Engineer of GERD Engineer Simegnew Bekele found dead in his car

Tigrai Online, July 25, 2018

Chief Engineer of GERD Engineer Simegnew Bekele found dead in his car today in Addis Ababa


Engineer Simegew Bekele the Chief Engineer of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was found shot dead in his own car on Thursday in Adiss Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s Federal Police Commissioner Zeinu Jemal confirmed the beloved Engineer was found in his car with bullet wound behind his right ear.

Engineer Simegew Bekele was the face of Ethiopian mega dam project from the first time the project was started seven years ago. Engineer Simegew was hand piked by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to lead the project and he was one of the driving forces of the GERD project.  Engineer Simegew Bekele was a motivation for millions of Ethiopians to contribute to the successful completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The Ethiopian police so far didn’t say who is responsible for Engineer Simegew Bekele life. The Egyptian government has been trying to stop the GERD project from the first beginning using different methods.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has allegedly said the GERD mega project will not be finished in ten years and many Ethiopians were infuriated about the remark. One of the journalists at press briefing with Commissioner Zeinu asked the engineer had an interview with BBC two days ago and he was planning to give an interview to local Ethiopian media outlets regarding the ten years remark do you know anything about it? Commissioner Zeinu replied I don’t know anything about this.


Ethiopia has lost one of its best today, Engineer Simegew Bekele wasn’t only a great engineer, he was a symbol of Ethiopian unity, ingenuity, self confidence and self reliance. Tigrai Online had chosen Engineer Simegew Bekele as person of the year 2015. We at Tigrai Online would like to express our profound sandiness and deep sorrow about the passing of one of the great Ethiopian heroes. May God give his family the courage and strength to bear with their loss and we know the entire nation of Ethiopia is with you.


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