Somali State civil society delegation arrived in Mekelle, Tigrai State
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Somali State civil society delegation arrived in Mekelle, Tigrai State

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. 8, 2016

Somali State civil society delegation arrived in Mekelle, Tigrai State

Somali State civil cociety delegation arrived in Mekelle the capital city of Tigrai State to show their support and extend a helping hand to the Tigraian civilians deported from some Amhara region towns and cities.

The delegation from Somali State presented the Tigrai emergency coordinating committee 10 million Birr to help the recently uprooted innocent Tigraians from Amhara region.

The Somali State delegation traveled all the way to the city of Mekelle to show their solidarity with the people of Tigrai and to express their profound support to the displaced women, children, farmers, brassiness people, government workers, civil servants, professors, and other professionals. These people were forced to leave their houses and entire livelihood in their own country just because they were Tigraians.

We are grateful to the Somali State people and government for their generosity and brave stand at this critical point of our people.

The delegation from the People and government of Somali State, Ethiopia meeting with the Tigrains deported from Amhara region, religious leaders, civic society, and government officials in Mekelle, Tigrai State.

The Somali delegation didn’t come to just deliver the financial support, that could have been done in much easier and faster ways.  There is much crucial message to the people of Tigrai, to the perpetrators of the ethnic cleansing, and the rest of Ethiopia they wanted to send and it is very clear to all of us. Thank you!

Somali State civil society delegation meeting in Mekelle, Tigrai State


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