The lowland border areas of Ethiopia can’t be base for Oromo terrorist insurgencies
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The lowland border areas can’t be base for Oromo terrorist insurgencies

By Abdirahman Alale
Tigrai Online, March 23, 2017

Ethiopia is a country with multiethnic nations who are accomplished hundreds years of living together in a peaceful coexistence, good neighboring and good culture of mutual relationship. But we endured difficulties of varying volumes under feudal and chauvinists systems. We inherited ethnic hatred, severe segregation and systematic ethnic magnetization that severely undermined and neglected the rights of the different ethnic groups.


However, when EPRDF took power and overthrew Derg regime, Ethiopia was constitutionally formed by a federation of nine ethnically-based regional states and two chartered cities. The regions are governed by a regional councils whose members are directly elected from the public to represent districts and city councils. The decentralized political system led the country to a more stability for the last two and plus decades. All nations have earnestly supported consolidation of the ethnic federalism system that resulted in restful development changes and good governance which attracted attention and acclamation of international communities. Most of these states acknowledged the progress performance and rapid economic growth of the country. This huge and marvelous success become possible only when all Ethiopians have fully participated in the decision making process at all levels in the government system.

It is obvious ONLF, Al-itihad, and OLF were terrorists groups who opposed constitution and declared war against Ethiopian in the transitional period. They were busy to create ethnic hate between the two brothers of Oromo and Somali and they were also busy hidden strategies to destabilize security and stability of the two regions and the country for almost two decades.Their hidden agenda was and still to undermine the peace and stability and democratic system brought by EPRDF and isolates the country from the international community. In the transitional period there was Islam radicalisms groups of as Al-Itihad linked to Al-Kaida carrying hidden agendas of establishing religious extremism ideologies in the regions and the country as whole.

The two regions set strategies to fight against these terrorist elements and anti-peace groups. Pardon was initially offeredas the first step to create conducive condition for perceptual change and special police forces were established after failing to take advantage of opportunity offered. The Federal government also played major role in this regard.

The Somali regional state established the Liyuu police in 2007 with the help of the federal government who effectively completed their mission and cleared anti peace elements from the region and currently they are taking part in the regional development and safeguarding the stability.

Unfortunately unnecessary and unexpected incidents are currently unfolding from specific areas of the country. Remnants of a defunct groups based in abroad like ONLF, OLF, and Ginbot 7 have been manufacturing and fanning gun necessary conflicts in some parts of Somali, Oromia and Amhara, to cite some..

It is beyond my capacity to understand the reason or force drivers of the recent clashes between the two brotherly people inhabiting border areas between Oromo and Somalis. It is clear just like day light that it is none but only a chaos and unholy clashes orchestrated by anti-peace elements that have no position in a stable community that enjoy peace and stability. They are basically repugnant to prosperity. In fact those groups led by Jawer ONLF, OLF and Ginbot7 and their colleague want to see disappeared and destroyed states of Ethiopia. To be honest Ethiopian enemy does not sleep day and night and they want to see our innocent people killing each other and divide households. These terrorists are using out our innocent people including youth to disturb the country late 2016 and early 2017. We Ethiopians will never forget  the public and private properties that they have destroyed in different places of Oromia and Amhara regions. The outside terrorists have been encouraging the internal anarchists through different Medias.

 The state of emergency solved the disturbances led by the narrow nationalisms, terrorists and all other evils and there are still outside terrorists whose daily activities are  propagating Somali Liyuu police for the last two months to take advantage of establishing terrorist bases in the border areas between the two regions mostly Bale zone, Hararge and Borena in Oromia and Fafan. Erer, Nogob, Afder, Liban and Dawa in Somali region. This reality is reflected and attested by Jawar Mohamed’s post on January 14  2017 at 14:15 that reads (liyuu police want to divert Oromo upraising and they want to prevent the lowland border areas from turning into base of Oromo armed resistance).  Therefore unequivocally and indisputably clear that terrorists are behind the conflicts and are preparing terrorists bases in the border between Somali and Oromo.

There is one single answer to these insatiable emeries of Ethiopia. “This will neither help your alien and evil ambitions and nor will it ever happen in our soil”. I would like to call and urge to every citizen to take part in the holly struggle against acts of these evil doers and we are not allowing the forces and evil of hate to make terrorist bases the border between the two brothers . once again this  is indeed our obligation and responsibilities.

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