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Going backward is not acceptable option for the people of Ethiopian Somali regional state.

By Mohamed Abdi, Jijiga Ethiopia
Tigrai Online, June 12, 2018


Patriotism is not a shirt you do when it’s convenient, and take off when it’s not rather it is a conviction and moral principle. We live in extraordinary days where shameless betrayal is trying to mislead the non informative people.

Before I go any further I would like to make comment about the few individuals who are busy spreading fake information about the region and its leaders. This group contains three types, former politicians who failed their assignment, pseudo elders whose interest is to fill their bellies and self-appointed elders with former military officers of the late Siyad bare of Somalia.

Self-Absorbed Politician

Failed politicians trying to come back into political arena have embarked a new project aimed destabilizing of the region. Some of the strategies which they have employed to realized their dream is spreading baseless information, denying the steady development gains by the region for last the seven years.

For this article I intend to share with you the untold sad stories of the master minders of this project. To start with Abdifatah mohomud aka cagamardaf who served as bureau head of health sector and chief of regional cabinet has committed a high treason which is even hard to imagine. During his days in office he left behind a bad legacy- corruption, nepotism, lack of principal and high treason against the will of the nation.  And abuse of power.  Mr Abdifatah after his failure on his role as head bureau he turned his mission creating political confusion sponsor by anti peace elements like Itihad Islamic movement and ONLF. But fortunately enough his dream ended without result and since then Mr Abdifatah has been engaged unholy project.

Second to this man is Abdirahman guray whose way of thinking is equal to a grade for student. He is arrogant, impulsive, self-absorbed. Abdirahman Failed to lead one of the heavy weight ministries of the federal government-ministry of trade and industry. He served as a minister of trade. Unforgettable to me was his failure to manage price of the sugar.

Mohamed Fatah a member of Al Islah Islamic movement was the chief of disaster prevention and preparedness bureau (DPPB). In a hard time of drought where even citizens of the region stopped eating one of three times he sold all the aid foods and non food items.

 Hure Abdi is a grade six graduate with grade four license drivers. He was competent and fit to lead even a single organization.  Hure had been serving as head of office of HIV/AIDS but failed to deliver service properly and lastly Mr. Hure was fired.  Although the government of Somali region has pardoned, in memories of every citizen will never obliterate his determination to hand over all aid materials donated by non-government organizations to one of his close relatives.

Pseudo Diaspora Members

The role of Diaspora is to take part the development projects and to bring back lessons they learned from the abroad but not to violate and destroy the significant development projects due to their personal interests. Recently a group of five to seven Diaspora members have arrived in Addis Ababa to contribute their share to the project of returning the region to dark stage designed by Abdifatah Cagamardaf and his pay brokers.

Khadar Jigre and Mohamed bade have benefited the current system more than any one. The latter was received warmly at the regional palace by Abdi Mohamud -current president of Somali region and awarded him a contract of digging boreholes but Mr. Mohamed failed miserably. Khader Jigre had constructed a two star hotel with the help of the government by providing him all necessary items like land and so on. After he generated a hefty amount of money Mr. Khader refused to pat the levied tax. Lastly mr Kader preferred to sell the hotel instead of paying tax and departed to America. Since then he has been involved anti-movement against the current administration led by President Abdi Mohamud Omar.

Self-appointed Elders

clan based political system is favor to self appointed elders since they  play  great role selection of the higher officials and then that It is clear to everyone absence of functional government gives corrupted elders take advantage. Clan-elected officer become an agent for clan elders. After a huge effort made by agitated leaders won to end that system but self appointed elders got angry.

To add insult to injury a former Somali military officer who treated Somali region as a part and parcel of great Somalia. Mr. Ali committed a high treason against the well-being of the Somali region.  Ali Shucaac is a young brother of Hassen Turki- a prominent leader of Alshabab who committed a huge crimes and atrocities which claimed the lives of thousands of Somalis and other innocent citizens. Mr ali never call to his brother to stop the carnage killings against ordinary citizens rather he was very happy and fanned him. A reliable resource confirmed Mr. Ali Shucaac was delegated a new business to enact Alshabab inside Ethiopia.   Now he is with disagreement the current president of Somali region and his administration.   The untold story behind his dissident against the government is why Mr. Abdi Defy the aged-demand of pan-Somalism.  Politicians, Diaspora and self appointed elders who have the aforementioned legacy and attributes lack sensitivity and care. They would thing as if they have done wrong things. But learned and conscious person never fail to ask himself; can be trusted to advocate the interest of Ethiopian-Somalis at the national arena.



It is an old Somali adage-saying goes water and fool can divert to their way by not leader and nationalist one. I failed to detect the probable connect between and I could not find the logic for vilifying regional leaders and why they always deny the steady progress made by the Somali region for the last seven years.

Somali region today is not as hopeless previous time.  A charismatic leader who is ready to die for the sake of his people and putting his self in fire how to develop is at the helm. People of the region are very happy the way he is leading the region. A vigilante youth who are ready to defend their region is in place. If smugglers think by spreading baseless propaganda and personal attack will hurt the region and will give to them an ample opportunity to sit at the highest office.  For sure they will be doubly disappointed. Our message, as a youth of Somali region is. We are all contributing what we can defend our current administration because the sitting president is the medicine for backwardness that have been searching a long time. What president Abdi and his team did for Somalis have no parallel in the known history.  So let me confirm with loud speak to everyone.   Going back is not an option that we can accept.


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